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“Thank you so much for your un-flagging support during the past 30 days!

When I started a month ago I was absolutely up against a brick wall.  Stuck.  Confused.  And feeling hopeless.  With Deane’s gentle guidance, exercises and re-directed information, I’ve changed my whole philosophy toward money.

Her encouragement, direction, and knowledge has been invaluable in helping me dig myself out of a deep monetary depression.  I would highly recommend Deane’s programs to anyone who might find themselves in a similar situation.”

 ~Judy Saha, Artist and Early Childhood Educator,                      Marietta, GA


“Before working with Deane, I thought I was doing all of the right things to start my health coaching business, but I was frustrated that I wasn’t getting any new clients.

After just 2 sessions with Deane I gained clarity on what was truly holding me back from being successful in my business.  By the 4th session I was able to release old fears that were keeping me in a state of overwhelm, and I was able to create new habits.  This all helped me to launch my business and bring in immediate income.

When I look back at my decision to do Deane’s program I feel grateful.  I highly recommend this program to any entrepreneur who feels frustrated with growing their business and who is ready to breakthrough to a higher level of income.”

~Julie Noll, 46, Health Coach,                                                                            West Hartford, CT

$1,000 IN ONE WEEK!

“Within 3 days of getting clear on my desires, I received a check in the mail for $275. Within that same week, someone offered to buy something of mine for $800, and I satisfied a desire to have $1,000!

—Jill K., Educator, Asheville, NC


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“I really enjoyed my Money Mindset Breakthrough Session with you – your care, gentleness, strength and skill made me feel safe and like I could “go there”.  You are a great coach!!”
~Rachel M.,46, LCSW, Austin TX

“I appreciate how Deane keeps moving me forward.   I am heading in a direction that works for me and my business without scaring the shit out of me.”

Kate G., Fashion and Hair Stylist, Littleton, NH


“Loved Deane’s enthusiasm and passion in teaching this work.”

—Gayle, S., Healer, Bodyworker, Educator, Asheville, NC

“Deane is a lovely, fun, genuine & Heart-full coach, you will feel inspired and be enlightened with exactly how to make you dreams come true.”

—Falan K., Writer, Asheville, NC

 “The program is an eye-opening experience.”

—Dawn C., Marketing and Social Media Expert, NC

 “Deane is an awesome coach!   I would sign up for anything she offers!”

—Carolyn B., Retailer, Waynesville, NC

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