How to Hire Your Genius Team

“People who are not like you can be your bridge to greater things.”  ~Laura Leigh Clark

A few weeks ago I posted about the eight Wealth Creation Genius Zones.

So you know the importance of spending as much time as possible in your genius zone, whether you’re a Supporter, a Deal Maker or a Star.

The more time you spend in your wealth creation genius zone, the better life and business flow.

(Don’t know your zone?  Go here to find out.)

But what if you’re a Star and you have a website to create?

Or you’re an introverted Lord with a message to share?

Or a Mechanic who needs a business card designed?

Trust me, Mechanic…do not design your own business card!

Stay in your genius zone. Outsource the rest.

It will cost you so much less in the long run.

How much less?  Let’s put pencil to paper and see…


$14,100!  Calculations (and puppies) below.*

And that’s just money.

Being in your genius zone saves time and aggravation, too.

When I’m in my genius zone, when I’m doing the thing that I’m good at and that I love, when I’m coaching, I get coacher’s high.  It’s like runner’s high without the sweat.

One client recently referred to it as going to her oasis.

How much is it worth to you to spend more time in your oasis?

There’s more than one way to hire a team.

With the Wealth Dynamics system, there are two approaches to building your team.

1.  The Tripod Approach.

This is good when you’re starting out and you know you’ll need partners with skills that complement yours.

With the tripod system, you get the most bang for your buck because you’ll get the biggest range of skills with the fewest number of team members.

The tripod system says your first team should be made up of people whose genius zones are as far apart from each other as possible.

Notice how the Geniuses are arranged in a circle.

Wealth Dynamics

Start with your profile.  Count three profiles around the circle clockwise.  That’s your first team member.  Count three profiles around the circle counterclockwise That’s your second team member.

So, if you’re a creator, your first team member is a Deal Maker and your second team member is an Accumulator.  Your skills will complement each other

2.  The Intentional Approach

This is good for solopreneurs who have been going it alone for a while and who just can’t get it all done.  This approach is strategic and based on your immediate need.

Be smart.  Sometimes we want to hire people just like us.  We like those people.  We resonate with them.  But those people will not be good for our business.

Instead, decide which activities take you out of your zone and cost you the most time and money right now.  Then set the intention to find someone with the profile you need for each of those draining activities, starting with the most draining and costly.

TIP:  You don’t necessarily need to employ people.  Think partnering.  Outsourcing. Profit sharing.  Fiverr.   Elance.  Part time.

So, if you’re a Creator and you need a number cruncher, you won’t hire a life of the party Supporter profile, no matter how fun they are.  They don’t do numbers.  Someone will cry.

Creators tolerate a fair amount of chaos.  If that’s you and you know you need a system in place, then a Mechanic profile can give you the structure you need and business can transpire in an orderly fashion.

Whether it’s the Tripod Approach or the Intentional Approach, hiring your first, or next, team member ALWAYS feels like you’re starting before you’re ready.

You can do anything you want in life and business.  But you can’t do it alone.

So, let go of the excuses, take the leap, start your team.


And you might as well leave a comment below and let us know…who will be first (or next) on your team?  How do they complement your particular genius?


*How I got $14,100…

If you make $150/hour as a puppy trainer, and you spend 47 hours building a website—learning WordPress, not learning Photoshop, learning Canva, surfing images, crashing the internet, waiting on hold for tech support, praying, gnashing teeth, working up your nerve to go back in, looking through 97 themes trying to decide which will work for you, watching instructional videos on YouTube, never mind writing the copy and creating an opt-in gift.  What if you’re a perfectionist?  Double your time.  Now we’re up to 94 hours.  94 hours you could have spent with puppies.

That’s $14,100 you could have made playing with puppies!  And the value of spending 94 hours in your wealth creation genius zone versus hunched over your computer is priceless.

Wealth Without Struggle: It’s Possible When You’re in Your Money Genius Zone

Are you working in your money genius zone?

When we’re struggling to make money, or it just isn’t fun, we may be off-zone and out of sync with our natural money-making abilities and talents.

As you may know, I’m a personal growth junkie.  So any time a tool comes along that gives me insight into my personality quirks or uncovers another genius zone, I’m IN!

I wanna know that stuff.

Enneagram?  Individualist!  Strengths finder?  Learner!  Meyer’s-Briggs?  INFP!  Fascination archetype?  Rebel!  (Did I really need a quiz for that one?  Umm, no.)

So I was excited to learn about the Money Genius Zone, recently.

The Money Genius Zone is the place where, when you’re in it, work feels like play and money flows to you without struggle.

Who needs less struggle around money?

Who doesn’t, right?

Knowing if you’re a Creator or a Lord or a Star or an Accumulator (or one of the other four types) is going to make your life SO MUCH EASIER.  And so much more FUN.

Not to mention better able to create wealth in your business and life.

First, a question.  How do you know when you’re NOT in your genius zone?

If you’re feeling any of the following, you’re off-zone:

  • Resistant to doing the things you “should” be doing
  • Overwhelmed
  • Frustrated
  • Indecisive or paralyzed
  • Like you’re wasting your time on things that don’t ever come to fruition for you.

And what does it feel like to be in-zone?  When you’re feeling more:

  • Flow
  • Ease
  • Clarity
  • Focus
  • Fun

How nice will it be when everything just falls into place, your to do list looks like a vacation itinerary and you’re surrounded by a happy team who complements your efforts and get to flow in their Money Genius Zone, too?

It Gets Better

Here are some other benefits to confining your work to your specific genius zone and hiring out the rest of the things that you dread.

  • It helps you say yes to the right opportunities and no to the wrong ones.   You’ll be clear on your gifts and how best to use them.  And, you’ll follow through on your plans and not get bogged down with the resistance and overwhelm that come from doing things you weren’t put on this planet to do.
  • It will help you find role models, people to look to for inspiration and as mentors who can teach you how to make the best use of your unique talents.  If you’re a Star-profile like Tony Robbins, you’ll know not to waste your time emulating Warren Buffet, whose Lord genius zone will just bore the fillings right out of your head.
  • It will help you know how to hire the right people for your team.  More on that in a later post.
  • It will help you plan out your days and it will help you set goals that you’ll actually be able to reach.  You’ll get clear on what’s possible for you and where to ask for the help you need to get there.
  • It will help you jump out of bed in the morning ready to rock the world because you absolutely love what you do and who you do it with every day.  No more feeling guilty about having fun in your business or at your job or looking for ways to make it seem hard because work is supposed to suck and not be fun.

Embracing your work and feeling good about it being easy is the quickest path to living in the moment.  And living in the moment, living in the now, is the key to you feeling deeply right with your life, deeply satisfied with the success and the sustainability and the money that go along with being in such a state of flow and grace.

The good news is that there are only eight ways to create wealth.

So, you’re dying to know what the Wealth Genius Types are, right?

First, credit where credit is due.  This work was developed by social entrepreneur Roger Hamilton and you can take the quiz and get loads more information specific to your type at his Wealth Dynamics website.

For now, see if you recognize yourself in any of the eight types below.


You’re the ideas person, an artist, an innovator.  You see the big picture and you’re good at bringing resources together.  You’re in zone when you’re creating products, creating content, writing or inventing.  You’re really good a starting things.  Finishing them, though, a bit of a challenge for you, as you can get easily distracted by all the ideas that come to you so easily.


Your personality and your love of attention and your ability to improvise are great assets, especially when you use them in service of brand awareness and improvement.  You’re in zone when you’re selling products, growing your media empire, in front of a camera or an audience.  Beware of burnout as more and more people demand more and more of your limited time.


All those networking event the rest of us dread?  You LOVE them.  You are a people-oriented connector who is a natural when it comes to nurturing relationships and building teams.  You’re in zone when you’re bringing people together and managing them.  Beware of losing focus and collecting contacts just for the sake of collecting them.  Pick a niche you love and focus your efforts there exclusively in order to be most effective as a connector.


You’re a dot connector, the person who brings people together with the resources they need.  You’re a great communicator and influential in your circles and you’re in zone when you’re knee deep in negotiations.  Beware spreading yourself too thin, which may alienate your contacts.  Rather, become the go-to expert in one field.  Then you’ll never have to chase a deal; they’ll come chasing you.


You’re a specialist when it comes to timing, trends and improving margins, and you’re good at getting ‘er done. You’re in zone when you’re doing repetitive tasks and when you’re working in a high-pressure environment with a defined set of parameters.  You like to just get on with the job, already.  Beware the tunnel vision that comes from too much focus on the trees, not enough on the forest.


Good at thinking long-term, your path to wealth is the same as the Tortoise’s race against the Hare.  Slow and steady as you gather and collect assets, be they rental properties, Instagram followers or mid-century modern furniture.  You’re in zone when you’re generating cash flow from those assets you’ve collected.  Beware the tendency to be a hoarder and hang on to clutter that doesn’t create wealth.


You’re thrifty, detail-oriented and good with follow through.  Lords are the so-called bean counters and number crunchers who are in zone when they’re analyzing data and improving efficiency.  Rarely seen, you control the natural  resources of the world.  And you’ve got more money than God.  Beware the tendency to  act slowly and cautiously, as opportunities may slip by while you analyze costs and benefits.


You’re the tinkerers and the engineers of the world, behind the scenes quietly creating better systems because you naturally understand how things work.  You’re in zone when you’re obsessing over details and optimizing processes.  Franchising is a mechanic’s dream…things that can be duplicated and replicated make you swoon.  Beware trying to start something from nothing.  You will only spin your wheels in vain.

Now, I’m curious.  Do your recognize yourself in one of these Wealth Genius Zones?  Are you a Lord or are you a Supporter? Leave a comment below and declare your genius to the world!

And if you’re not sure, click here to take the quiz and find out.

BTW, I’m a Creator all the way.  Plays well with Rebel.

What To Do on Your Weekly Money Date

When Friday rolled around last week, I busted out the photo booth app and recorded a quickie for you.

(Cowlick alert…I’ve got post-workout/bed head.  Never know when inspiration will strike.)

I’d just finished up my weekly money date so I wanted to share:

  • what’s important about having that date every week
  • what, exactly, happens on a money date
  • a printable checklist that you can use for your weekly money date.

It’s not quite as fun as an actual date night with my guy (too early for wine), but it has tremendously helped me transform my relationship with money.

That relationship transformation is the perfect starting place of being able to welcome the flow of more money, and more abundance of every kind, into your business and life.

As one of my clients said this week, “[It’s helpful to] see money as a conscious thing that has its own needs and wants.  I would never talk about a person the way I talk about money.  (Tweet that!)  Having these two realizations feels like a great way to shift that relationship with money.”


Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 9.52.53 AM


Don’t forget to download your printable Weekly Money Date checklist here.

Now, go schedule in your weekly money date and let me know, when is your date and what will you be doing when you sit down to get cozy with your money?

Celebration Isn’t Just for Birthdays Anymore

We were lollygagging in the back yard last Sunday, pulling weeds and taking lots of breaks on the swing, when something reminded me that summer is right around the corner.

It wasn’t the sun on my eyelids or the daffodils blooming under the bare trumpet vine.  It wasn’t the exuberance in the voice of the little wren looking to build a nest in the shed.

It was a chorus of “Happy Birthday” drifting up from the park behind our house.

Happens like clockwork every Sunday during the warm months.

People gather to celebrate with potato salad and blue-frosted cake and occasionally a piñata to whack open.  And a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday.

It makes me smile every time.

And wonder why we have to wait for our one special day of the year to celebrate.

Why not make celebration a part of our regular  practice?

This came up recently at my favorite networking event, the observation that we spend so much time crossing things off our “To Do” list without ever stopping to acknowledge what we’ve done.

I know I’m guilty.

Maybe it’s because the “To Do” list never ends and it’s constantly there to remind me of the reaching and striving for the next milestone—the next speaking gig, the next launch, the next product, the next numerical win.

And along the way to those big milestones are a thousand and one smaller milestones that go unnoticed and unrecognized.

Why celebrate?

I think we should celebrate every single one and here’s why they deserve, if not a piñata, at least a noisemaker and a happy dance.

  • Celebrating reminds you how far you’ve come, which helps maintain momentum and perspective.
  • Celebrating keeps you focused on the positive, on what’s going well in your life and business (a powerful antidote to habitual dwelling on challenges and lack.)
  • Celebrating keeps us pointed at our goals, which helps keep us motivated to keep going for what we want.
  • Celebrating reminds us of our why, of our big motivating factor, the reason we got into this entrepreneurship thing in the first place.

When our sense of purpose is strong, then our actions become much more meaningful as we move toward our goals and fulfill our purpose.

  • Celebrating turns up the volume on gratitude.  

Studies show that actively practicing gratitude gives us more confidence, more creativity and more resilience in the face of challenges.  How helpful is that to an entrepreneur?

  • Celebrating is fun and it feels good.

WOO WOO ALERT!  Feeling good raises your vibration.  When you’re vibrating at a higher frequency, you attract at a higher frequency.  When you feel good, you attract things that make you keep feeling good.  When you’re having fun and living in abundance, you attract things that keep you having fun and living in abundance.

Celebrating keeps that upward spiral going and going.

  • Celebrating tells the Universe that you’ve noticed it’s role in what you’re creating.

The Universe is like a little kid about to break bad.  Egg it on a little and it can’t turn itself off.

Celebrating your wins urges the U to keep going, to keep giving you more wins to celebrate.

The Practice

I love any excuse to buy a notebook, so get yourself a special notebook and dedicate it to your accomplishments.

My colleague, Ursula Jorch of Work Alchemy recommends daily celebration and created this lovely little Success Journal to walk you through a daily accounting of your wins.

I go weekly, and at the end of every week, I list my wins.  (I schedule this time in my calendar or else I forget)

Find what works for you and keep track of your milestones—goals you reached, numbers you hit, progress you made toward projects.

Did you complete your opt-in gift?  Hit 1,000 Facebook likes?  Finish the outline of your e-book?

Did you hit your monthly money goal?  Keep up with your income tracking sheets?  Clear one item of money clutter?  Finish a training? Earn a certificate for best speech at your Toastmasters meeting?

Write it all down.

Over time, you’ll have a record of your progress and you’ll be able to clearly see the places that need more attention.

Muy Importante!

As part of the celebration, don’t forget to actually celebrate.  Build in some rewards as milestones are made.  Nice bottle of wine?  Little weekend getaway to someplace with naked hot tubs and massage?  Piñata?

How will you celebrate your wins and your accomplishments and your achievements?

Leave a comment below and share what you’re celebrating this week and your favorite way to acknowledge yourself.

(For the record, I’m celebrating finally quitting my day job and I think this calls for champagne!)

Clear Your Money Clutter to Clear the Way for More

Clutter is a sink hole of stagnant energy and the more of it we can release, the more room we make for flow of all kinds, including the flow of money.

It’s hard to flow when a bunch of dust-covered tchotchkes and old CDs are in the way.  Or, worse…video tapes.

I’ve talked about clearing clutter in the past.  Clearing physical clutter out of your precious space.  Clearing the mental clutter of bad news.  And clearing the emotional clutter of naysayers and dream crushers.

There’s a new kind of clutter in town, y’all!

It’s money clutter.

And if we’re really going to get serious about making room for more, it’s not enough to just clean our closets and get rid of furniture the cat shredded while you were on vacation.

Today, I’m sharing five places to keep tidy and clutter free so that money energy can flow freely and with abandon through those places and through you.

Five places where money clutter accumulates:

oneYour wallet.

Think of your wallet as the home for your money.

You’ve addressed the clutter in your physical home, so take time every week to address the clutter in your money’s home.

Clean it out.  Get rid of punch cards you don’t use, uncrumple the fives and tens, make it easy to go in there and find what you need.

twoYour wallet, part 2.

Your wallet is a temple for you money, so check to see if your wallet is temple worthy.

Is it old or ripped or stained or coming apart at the seams?  If it is, replace it with a pretty, new temple that is a pleasure to hold and that organizes your stuff just the way you like it to be organized.

ThreeBills and receipts.

I used to just let my bills pile up on the table in the front hallway.  I wouldn’t open them (and that’s a whole other subject, so let’s keep moving).

And the receipts, if I saved them, were everywhere.  Crammed in my temple/wallet, bottom of purse, dining room table.  No order.  No way to know where my money was going.

Now I have folders.   Pretty ones with polka dots.  When I receive a bill or receipt, they go right into the folder at the end of the day.  At the end of the week, I open the folders.

It’s much less scary than I thought it would be.  Especially since I’m keeping up on a regular basis.

FourFound money.

They have this machine at the bank that counts up your loose change.  You dump it onto a little conveyor belt and the first time I did it, it conveyed into $72!  The whole time it’s running, you can see the tally getting higher and higher.  Delightful!

All that loose change lying around is money clutter.  Never mind that letting it lie around in your sofa, lint filter and junk drawer taints your relationship with money.

So gather it all up and take it to the little conveyor belt.   Conveying change into bills lets you feel lighter.  And richer.

Also, gift cards and gift certificates.  I bet you have a few lying around, unredeemed, taking up space and blocking flow.  Find them and use them and send a message to the Universe that you believe that there is always more where that came from.

FiveMoney owed.

Does anyone owe you money?  It’s time to collect.  Call in the money that is trying to come to you but that’s being held up by the person who owes you money.  And by call in, I mean, pick up the phone and request your money.

If it’s not possible to call them, then make a conscious decision to forgive the debt and move on.  Use the Radical Forgiveness technique or create some other ritual to release that stuck energy and open room for more to flow in.

Do you owe money to anyone?  It’s time to pay up.  If it’s a small amount, send a check.  If it’s too much to pay in one chunk, arrange a payment plan and follow through.  Pay attention to how much better and lighter and more free you feel when these two sticking points are handled.


When you clear up the clutter in any area of your life, you make room for more.  And clearing money clutter is the fast track to making room for more money.

So which area will you start with?  Leave a comment below and share  the area that will get your attention first.


If I Could Only Share One Thing With You…

In the end, it comes down to one thing.

When we get past the usual scapegoats like the economy, the rancorous divorce, being “bad” with money, the real reason many of us struggle to make money doing what we love is because we don’t feel like we deserve it.

It comes down to one thing—feeling worthy.  Feeling good about ourselves.

For me, that created a conundrum.

On the one hand, I longed for more money because I believed that having it would make me feel better about myself.

On the other hand, I needed to feel better about myself in order to be able to receive any money or opportunities to create money.

Welcome to my special conundrum cul-de-sac in hell.  Can you see me going round and round without finding the exit?

All my life, I’ve battled the gremlins that told me I wasn’t enough, didn’t have what it takes.  Epic battles!

Battles lost in spite of more college degrees, straight A’s and more certifications.  Making more money and collecting great art.  Marrying a great man.

None of that helped me win the game of self esteem.

(Ditto swimming with dolphins, living on a Greek island or climbing Mt. Timpanogas.  All futile.  I still felt like I didn’t deserve what I craved.)

None of the things I craved made me feel better about myself.  And feeling bad about myself just delayed my progress towards what I wanted.

Until the part of me that craved growth and expansion and dance and exploration and honoring the creative spark insisted that I get over myself and try something new.

I can’t say that I know what made me listen except that I was just tired of feeling bad all the time.

Oh, and then I got a message from my soul…skies parting, angels singing, all that.

And this is the thing I want to share with you.

If I couldn’t share anything else but this for the rest of my life, this is the thing I’d want you to know.  The thing that flipped the switch on my self esteem issues.  And on my ability to manifest and appreciate good things in my life.

The real secret is this:

Your soul chose you.

No one else would do but you.

It has a plan, your soul.  And it needs you to help fulfill that plan.  When it needs to speak, it speaks through your voice.  When it needs to see, it sees through your eyes.  When it needs to hear, it listens through your ears.

Your soul connects you to the Divine.

So, you are the voice and the eyes and the ears of the Divine.

And the Divine chose you.  Your soul chose you.

Everything about you is perfect and necessary for your soul to complete what it needs to complete for this round of its growth and its evolution.

Your body is perfect.  Your nose is just right.  Your parents and your children…deeply necessary for you.  The way you love, the way you move, the things you create in the world.  All exactly what your soul needed to grow.

Your soul chose YOU!

And it’s brimming with love and admiration for you.  Its cheering you on 24/7.  It’s ecstatic to have every single experience it gets to have through you.  Even the hard ones.  Even the ones that make you tremble.  They are all just what it needs.

You are exactly the person the Divine needs to grow and learn and play and love and experience this wonderful and abundant planet.  It needs you to be exactly who you are.

The Divine wouldn’t change a thing about you.

Not. One. Thing.

Big hugs from my soul to yours.



P.S.  Just in case you still struggle with having money, with having high self esteem, with feeling like you deserve all the good things your soul and the Divine want you to have, I share an amazing tool on my blog today that will turn this around for you.

Like, 180 degrees around.

It’s beautiful, it’s simple, it’s free and you can check it out HERE.

The Self Esteem Mind Map

I’ve been having fun playing with a tool that I discovered in Wire Yourself for Wealth, by Laura Leigh Clarke.

It’s a mind map.  And doing it really is like rewiring your brain for a different experience.  You can see the new neural pathways forming as your map evolves.

I’d encourage you to do it for anywhere you feel stuck or undeserving.

But let’s start with self-esteem.

Do you know about mind maps? They’re an organic way to capture ideas and thoughts as one springs from another, then another, then another.  Here’s an example:

Click on the map for more examples.


Here’s how you to it:

1.  You’ll need a large piece of paper or poster board.  BIG!

2.  Draw a circle in the middle of a sheet of paper and in the circle  write down the topic/theme that you are exploring or the title of the project that you’re brainstorming.  For now, let’s write “Reasons why I deserve more self esteem.”

(In future episodes, you could mind map “reasons why I deserve to make $ X,000,” or “reasons why I deserve 3 new clients,” or “reasons why I deserve to have a fulfilling relationship.”  Self-esteem is your foundation for feeling like you deserve all good things, so we start there.)

2.  Follow your flow as you draw bubbles around the central bubble.  Fill in all the things you can think of that you love about yourself.

Include things you like about the way you look; your accomplishments, talents, skills, successes; things people compliment you on; acknowledgements.  Keep going and going and going.  Don’t stop till you have at least 200 things and see if you can push through to 300, 400 even 500 things.  Wear yourself out.  Wring every bit of juice out of yourself until there is no doubt in your mind that you are worthy.

3.  Hang up your creation someplace you can see it often.  It really will be quite beautiful.  Look at it every day and remind yourself often of all the ways you are perfect, all the ways the rest of us are so lucky that you’re here, sharing space on the planet with the rest of us.

By now you should be feeling pretty dang good about yourself.

So, YAY, You!

And I’m curious.  What is one thing that you love about yourself today?  Leave a comment below and declare it to the Universe!

Money IS a Spiritual Path

A few weeks ago I called a local spiritual center and proposed a workshop on money mindset and learning how to receive. The receptionist hesitated. Cleared her throat. Then informed me that, as far as programming goes, they prefer to stick to “spiritual” topics.

Huh? It was a WTF/Scooby Doo moment for me. You know, the one where Scooby shakes his head vigorously, as if trying to shake some comprehension into his dumbfounded brain? While secretly thinking, “WTF?”

And my bubble was pierced again.

My bubble shields me from the collective “wisdom” that money is the root of all evil.  (Most misquoted Bible verse of all times, though I’m the first to admit I’m no Bible misquote expert,  Just acutely tuned into the ways we stop ourselves from receiving more money even while our souls urge us to expand in ALL ways.)

And I’d forgotten that there’s a deep current of mistrust of money that runs through our collective unconscious…a current that says you can’t have money and still be spiritual. That the two are somehow mutually exclusive.

Can we just peel back some layers on that misconception today and open ourselves up to another possibility?

Do let’s!

Let’s explore how having more money can actually propel us farther along on our life’s journey, if, in fact, it’s your desire to have more and make a bigger impact.

1.  Money is neutral.

It doesn’t have it’s own energy, only the energy we assign to it.

It’s the root of evil in evil hands. It’s the root of greed in greedy hands. And it’s the root of good in Oprah’s hands. And probably in your hands, too.

2. Desire is the Divine guiding you to your purpose.

The Divine speaks to us through our desires (which are different from our habitual cravings for things like cookies after dinner).

The deep desires that filter through the mindless chatter and that bubble up in times of stillness and reflection guide us to the places where only we can make a difference. They guide us to the people (or animals or plot of earth) who need exactly what we have to give.

If you desire money above and beyond what you need to meet your daily needs, consider that the Divine is calling you forth into a bigger role. (As opposed to listening to that chatter in your head which wants to save you by insisting that you’re greedy, which reminds me…)

3.  More money doesn’t change who you are, it enhances it.

It won’t turn you into a voracious, planet-ravaging consumer. Unless you are that already. Which I doubt or you wouldn’t have made it to point #3.

Money allows you fuller self-expression by allowing you to get past surviving and get on with the joy and freedom of actually thriving in this abundant world.

4.  Speaking of Oprah, money is really useful as a measuring tool.

It tells us how much of an impact we’re making on the world. More money, bigger impact. Imagine if all the wealth of the world were in the hands of spirit-guided people with big hearts and generous natures? WOW!

P.S. We’re not serving the Divine by playing small.

5.  Money touches every aspect of our lives, every corner, every nook, every cranny.

You can’t get away with not having it, so we may as well get right with embracing it and welcoming it and being willing to use it without feeling guilty or ashamed or like we’re leaving someone behind.

Spiritual life has evolved to include modern conveniences and our desires have evolved with it.

Why won’t we let our relationship to money evolve as well?

We don’t go a day without using it, thinking about it, making decisions based on whether we have it or don’t have it. It affects not just our career and business decisions, but also our relationships, our health, our environment, and, yes, our ability to connect with our souls and with the bigger Source, the Divine, Infinite Spirit.

Money IS power.  Woo Hoo!!  It’s time to allow it to flow into and through the lives of people like you who have gifts to share and work to do, work based on a higher guidance, the movement of Divine Spirit through you.

We are the eyes and the ears and the voices of the Divine and the Divine is ready for the collective unconscious to evolve. It’s up to us to allow and welcome and embrace that, so the Divine can get on with its work through us.

And, it just so happens, it’s going to take resources. It’s going to require money.

6.  Money flows when we flow, when we connect with source and say yes to following its guidance.

See if the Divine isn’t urging you to grow and expand. Do you need resources to expand?

Yes. Yes you do.

If you’re not sure what to do next or how to crack yourself open, why not start looking for your own money blind spots, the places where you stop yourself from welcoming and embracing more? The places where you talk yourself into staying small or staying broke?

Most of us need help to find those blind spots and blocks.

Consider scheduling a complimentary Money Mindset Breakthrough Session to discover what blocks you. Click here to pick a time to break through!!

How to Get the Most out of Your Goal Setting

I bet you spent some time at the beginning of the year (way back 3 weeks ago) contemplating what you’d like to create and accomplish this year.  Am I right?

I do this every year and then promptly forget about those big ideas (because the ideas just keep coming and I get distracted by the next shiny thing).  Can you relate to that?

This year will be different!

No.  Really.

I’ve been thinking about this and, what do you know, I have ideas!

In today’s video I share three tips for staying on track and making the most of your 2015 goals, plus a bonus tip at the end for speeding up the process.  So you’ll accomplish more and make more room for all those new ideas that just keep bubbling up and calling for action.

Woo Hoo!


Here’s the workbook I mentioned in the video.  Click on the pic to order.


Now what are you working on this year?  Leave a comment below and share one of your shiny 2015 goals.

Writing it down makes it real!

We Have a Winner!

Two winners, actually.

Congratulations to

Jill K!


Susan H!

I can’t wait for you to get your hands on Tony Robbins’ new book, Money Master the Game.  It’s been a game-changer for me and I hope it will be for you, too.

Here’s to financial freedom sooner rather than later!!!