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  • Do you struggle to make great money in your business?
  • Have you been stuck at the same income level for a while in spite of working hard to grow your business?
  • Do you avoid dealing with money?
  • Do you feel like making money will always be hard for you?
  • Are you committed to finally learning what blocks your financial abundance and to dissolving those blocks?
  • Do you dare to be irresistibly rich?


Dear Conscious Female Entrepreneur,

Of course, you want to make great money, do what you love and make a big impact on the world through your business.  But why is it so hard?

Especially since you’ve tried so many things already—budgeting, self-help books, business coaching.  You don’t know who or what to believe anymore.

You just want the struggle to stop so you can finally feel good about making money and having fun while you’re doing it.  You totally deserve to have that!

That’s where I come in.  My name is Deane Giordano and I’m a Transformational Money Coach.  I help women like you transform their experience with money and open the doors to receiving more.


Just four years ago, I was deeply ashamed to be going through bankruptcy.  I hadn’t been good at “doing money,” so even though I’d made great money in my business, making it wasn’t fun, I was uncomfortable having it and I didn’t take care of the money I did make.  I felt like I didn’t deserve it, so I spent the bejeezus out of it until declaring bankruptcy was my only option.

Not that I recommend that strategy for getting right with your money, but it did turn out to be a gift.

The first year was the worst.  I had to repay my debts, so I took a soul-sucking job just to keep up.  I was good at what I did, but I cried a lot and drank  too much red wine.  I started to think I’d always feel poor and that struggling to make money was just “how my life was going to be.”

Visions of dying alone in a trailer park accompanied my sleepless nights.


It started with a conscious decision to have a different experience with money and to let go of the shame around bankruptcy and around the poor decisions I’d made about spending, saving, earning and investing.

Followed by a conscious decision to make better decisions.

I posted this above my desk:


Following that decision came a flood of new information and a new approach to uncovering and transforming my own money blocks and limiting beliefs that worked better than anything I’d tried.  

(And I’d tried everything to get past my money issues, from self help books to budgeting to magical thinking to post-it notes wallpapering every inch of my house and car.)

Little by little, my bank accounts started to reflect this bigger, richer version of myself that I was becoming.  As I’ve refined the system, kept what works best and let go of the rest, the results have been even more sensational.

I’ve been teaching this method to others, too, and guess what?  They’re seeing changes in their bank accounts, too!

DARE julie


I know because it’s worked for other women entrepreneurs just like you.


Or what about Jill K., another educator who left her teaching job and struck out on her own:



The big problem is that people who struggle to make more money have bought into some powerful myths and beliefs about themselves and about what it takes to get ahead financially.

Here are three of the biggies that will never get you what you want:

  1. The first myth is that the right budget or spending plan or branding or marketing will solve all your money problems.
  2. The second myth is that you can’t have it both ways.  You can’t be wealthy and nice.  Or rich and spiritual.  Or an artist and anything but starving.
  3. The third myth is that there’s a difference between people who’ve created wealth and you.   That you’ll never “get it,” so there must be something wrong with you.  If only you were  ___________________ (smarter, prettier, thinner, more creative, etc), you would get what you want.

I hear from clients every day who’ve been on-again-off-again budgeters for years (to no avail); who’ve invested thousands of dollars in specialized business/brand/marketing/SEO coaching (to no avail); who can’t align the parts of them that want money and that other seemingly incompatible thing; and who consistently devalue themselves and their work (and continue to win the game of staying stuck and struggling).

Wouldn’t you agree that it’s crazy to think you’ll get different results if you keep doing the same thing over and over again?


Here’s how joining a group coaching program like mine can help you open the door to the wealth you desire starting today!

You see, I’ve just developed the D.A.R.E. To be Irresistibly Rich 28 day program that gives you my step by step formula for transforming your relationship to money so that you can make the kind of phenomenal money you desire and that you know is possible for you.

This program has taken years to develop.  A lifetime, really, if you count all the failures feedback I had along the way!

The D.A.R.E. To Be Irresistibly Rich Program is based on my signature one-on-one coaching program.

D.A.R.E. stands for Desire, Align, Receive, Expand.






Here’s what you get when you sign up for the inaugural run of this virtual program:

  • Four 1 1/2 hour group coaching calls.  Includes lessons, plenty of Q&A time and a chance to be coached during coaching demonstrations.
  • Done for you worksheets and handouts.  Feel supported and stay engaged as you complete the week’s action steps.
  • Recordings of all calls that you can download and listen to at your leisure.
  • Access to the private DARE to be Irresistibly Rich Facebook group.  Go there any time for support, encouragement and accountability from me and the rest of the group.



Don’t worry if you can’t make the live call.  You won’t miss a thing because you’ll get the recording, and the recordings have nuggets just for you.



Check this out…


For everyone who enrolls, you’ll get one FREE COACHING session with me.  We’ll explore your own unique money blocks and identify some next steps that can propel you more quickly toward your big vision for yourself.  (Value:  $197.  Hot damn!)

Sign up by midnight, April 29 to receive two more special bonuses.



Download a powerful Money Mindset Meditation which supports the inner work of wealth by helping to install new habits of thought around money, self-worth and possibility.  (Value $47…but, priceless, really, when you see how effective it is.)



You’ll also have the opportunity to repeat the program any time, as many times as you want, even after the tweaks have been tweaked and the price is raised to full price if you sign up by midnight Wednesday, April 29.  (Value: $397+.)


Let’s do a quick comparison.  Last time I checked an online money bootcamp program would set you back $797.

The other option would be to shell out $200-$300 buying up all kinds of money self-help books that will most likely just clog up your kindle or sit on your shelf gathering dust.

Or, option #3, keep doing what you’ve been doing.  Which I know is not an option for you at this point, because you are READY to do something different to solve this money problem NOW.

DARE 17That’s a savings of $300 over the price the program!

Why is it such a bargain?

This price is a one-time offer for a limited number of Beta Testers who are ready for change (and won’t mind giving me some feedback and a testimonial at the end of our time together.)  The system works, the program is solid, and you could be instrumental in making it the absolute best it can be when I launch it for $397 in June.

There’s no way you can lose!

Except by NOT taking me up on this incredible opportunity to finally transform your experience with money so that making money with ease feels like something you were born to do.


Click on the button below to register.  You’ll get instant access to the Facebook group,  the Manifest Money in Five Steps formula, information about scheduling your one-on-one session and a link to the bonus meditation (if you sign up before April 29).


Don’t delay, because I’m only offering this special Beta Test run to a select and limited number of participants.

I am so excited for the opportunity to help you break through to your next income level and I honor you for saying yes to yourself and your ongoing growth.

Yay, You!


Deane Giordano, Transformational Money Coach

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P.S.  Studies show that the most decisive people are the most successful people.  It’s time to decide to do something different to get different results.

Signing up today as a Beta Tester is the easiest, most cost-effective way to try the DARE to be Irresistibly Rich program so you can see how my step-by-step system can

  • help you improve your relationship to money,
  • clear the way for financial abundance  and
  • help you achieve the income level you’ve always wanted.
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