How to Hire Your Genius Team

“People who are not like you can be your bridge to greater things.”  ~Laura Leigh Clark

A few weeks ago I posted about the eight Wealth Creation Genius Zones.

So you know the importance of spending as much time as possible in your genius zone, whether you’re a Supporter, a Deal Maker or a Star.

The more time you spend in your wealth creation genius zone, the better life and business flow.

(Don’t know your zone?  Go here to find out.)

But what if you’re a Star and you have a website to create?

Or you’re an introverted Lord with a message to share?

Or a Mechanic who needs a business card designed?

Trust me, Mechanic…do not design your own business card!

Stay in your genius zone. Outsource the rest.

It will cost you so much less in the long run.

How much less?  Let’s put pencil to paper and see…


$14,100!  Calculations (and puppies) below.*

And that’s just money.

Being in your genius zone saves time and aggravation, too.

When I’m in my genius zone, when I’m doing the thing that I’m good at and that I love, when I’m coaching, I get coacher’s high.  It’s like runner’s high without the sweat.

One client recently referred to it as going to her oasis.

How much is it worth to you to spend more time in your oasis?

There’s more than one way to hire a team.

With the Wealth Dynamics system, there are two approaches to building your team.

1.  The Tripod Approach.

This is good when you’re starting out and you know you’ll need partners with skills that complement yours.

With the tripod system, you get the most bang for your buck because you’ll get the biggest range of skills with the fewest number of team members.

The tripod system says your first team should be made up of people whose genius zones are as far apart from each other as possible.

Notice how the Geniuses are arranged in a circle.

Wealth Dynamics

Start with your profile.  Count three profiles around the circle clockwise.  That’s your first team member.  Count three profiles around the circle counterclockwise That’s your second team member.

So, if you’re a creator, your first team member is a Deal Maker and your second team member is an Accumulator.  Your skills will complement each other

2.  The Intentional Approach

This is good for solopreneurs who have been going it alone for a while and who just can’t get it all done.  This approach is strategic and based on your immediate need.

Be smart.  Sometimes we want to hire people just like us.  We like those people.  We resonate with them.  But those people will not be good for our business.

Instead, decide which activities take you out of your zone and cost you the most time and money right now.  Then set the intention to find someone with the profile you need for each of those draining activities, starting with the most draining and costly.

TIP:  You don’t necessarily need to employ people.  Think partnering.  Outsourcing. Profit sharing.  Fiverr.   Elance.  Part time.

So, if you’re a Creator and you need a number cruncher, you won’t hire a life of the party Supporter profile, no matter how fun they are.  They don’t do numbers.  Someone will cry.

Creators tolerate a fair amount of chaos.  If that’s you and you know you need a system in place, then a Mechanic profile can give you the structure you need and business can transpire in an orderly fashion.

Whether it’s the Tripod Approach or the Intentional Approach, hiring your first, or next, team member ALWAYS feels like you’re starting before you’re ready.

You can do anything you want in life and business.  But you can’t do it alone.

So, let go of the excuses, take the leap, start your team.


And you might as well leave a comment below and let us know…who will be first (or next) on your team?  How do they complement your particular genius?


*How I got $14,100…

If you make $150/hour as a puppy trainer, and you spend 47 hours building a website—learning WordPress, not learning Photoshop, learning Canva, surfing images, crashing the internet, waiting on hold for tech support, praying, gnashing teeth, working up your nerve to go back in, looking through 97 themes trying to decide which will work for you, watching instructional videos on YouTube, never mind writing the copy and creating an opt-in gift.  What if you’re a perfectionist?  Double your time.  Now we’re up to 94 hours.  94 hours you could have spent with puppies.

That’s $14,100 you could have made playing with puppies!  And the value of spending 94 hours in your wealth creation genius zone versus hunched over your computer is priceless.