Wealth Without Struggle: It’s Possible When You’re in Your Money Genius Zone

Are you working in your money genius zone?

When we’re struggling to make money, or it just isn’t fun, we may be off-zone and out of sync with our natural money-making abilities and talents.

As you may know, I’m a personal growth junkie.  So any time a tool comes along that gives me insight into my personality quirks or uncovers another genius zone, I’m IN!

I wanna know that stuff.

Enneagram?  Individualist!  Strengths finder?  Learner!  Meyer’s-Briggs?  INFP!  Fascination archetype?  Rebel!  (Did I really need a quiz for that one?  Umm, no.)

So I was excited to learn about the Money Genius Zone, recently.

The Money Genius Zone is the place where, when you’re in it, work feels like play and money flows to you without struggle.

Who needs less struggle around money?

Who doesn’t, right?

Knowing if you’re a Creator or a Lord or a Star or an Accumulator (or one of the other four types) is going to make your life SO MUCH EASIER.  And so much more FUN.

Not to mention better able to create wealth in your business and life.

First, a question.  How do you know when you’re NOT in your genius zone?

If you’re feeling any of the following, you’re off-zone:

  • Resistant to doing the things you “should” be doing
  • Overwhelmed
  • Frustrated
  • Indecisive or paralyzed
  • Like you’re wasting your time on things that don’t ever come to fruition for you.

And what does it feel like to be in-zone?  When you’re feeling more:

  • Flow
  • Ease
  • Clarity
  • Focus
  • Fun

How nice will it be when everything just falls into place, your to do list looks like a vacation itinerary and you’re surrounded by a happy team who complements your efforts and get to flow in their Money Genius Zone, too?

It Gets Better

Here are some other benefits to confining your work to your specific genius zone and hiring out the rest of the things that you dread.

  • It helps you say yes to the right opportunities and no to the wrong ones.   You’ll be clear on your gifts and how best to use them.  And, you’ll follow through on your plans and not get bogged down with the resistance and overwhelm that come from doing things you weren’t put on this planet to do.
  • It will help you find role models, people to look to for inspiration and as mentors who can teach you how to make the best use of your unique talents.  If you’re a Star-profile like Tony Robbins, you’ll know not to waste your time emulating Warren Buffet, whose Lord genius zone will just bore the fillings right out of your head.
  • It will help you know how to hire the right people for your team.  More on that in a later post.
  • It will help you plan out your days and it will help you set goals that you’ll actually be able to reach.  You’ll get clear on what’s possible for you and where to ask for the help you need to get there.
  • It will help you jump out of bed in the morning ready to rock the world because you absolutely love what you do and who you do it with every day.  No more feeling guilty about having fun in your business or at your job or looking for ways to make it seem hard because work is supposed to suck and not be fun.

Embracing your work and feeling good about it being easy is the quickest path to living in the moment.  And living in the moment, living in the now, is the key to you feeling deeply right with your life, deeply satisfied with the success and the sustainability and the money that go along with being in such a state of flow and grace.

The good news is that there are only eight ways to create wealth.

So, you’re dying to know what the Wealth Genius Types are, right?

First, credit where credit is due.  This work was developed by social entrepreneur Roger Hamilton and you can take the quiz and get loads more information specific to your type at his Wealth Dynamics website.

For now, see if you recognize yourself in any of the eight types below.


You’re the ideas person, an artist, an innovator.  You see the big picture and you’re good at bringing resources together.  You’re in zone when you’re creating products, creating content, writing or inventing.  You’re really good a starting things.  Finishing them, though, a bit of a challenge for you, as you can get easily distracted by all the ideas that come to you so easily.


Your personality and your love of attention and your ability to improvise are great assets, especially when you use them in service of brand awareness and improvement.  You’re in zone when you’re selling products, growing your media empire, in front of a camera or an audience.  Beware of burnout as more and more people demand more and more of your limited time.


All those networking event the rest of us dread?  You LOVE them.  You are a people-oriented connector who is a natural when it comes to nurturing relationships and building teams.  You’re in zone when you’re bringing people together and managing them.  Beware of losing focus and collecting contacts just for the sake of collecting them.  Pick a niche you love and focus your efforts there exclusively in order to be most effective as a connector.


You’re a dot connector, the person who brings people together with the resources they need.  You’re a great communicator and influential in your circles and you’re in zone when you’re knee deep in negotiations.  Beware spreading yourself too thin, which may alienate your contacts.  Rather, become the go-to expert in one field.  Then you’ll never have to chase a deal; they’ll come chasing you.


You’re a specialist when it comes to timing, trends and improving margins, and you’re good at getting ‘er done. You’re in zone when you’re doing repetitive tasks and when you’re working in a high-pressure environment with a defined set of parameters.  You like to just get on with the job, already.  Beware the tunnel vision that comes from too much focus on the trees, not enough on the forest.


Good at thinking long-term, your path to wealth is the same as the Tortoise’s race against the Hare.  Slow and steady as you gather and collect assets, be they rental properties, Instagram followers or mid-century modern furniture.  You’re in zone when you’re generating cash flow from those assets you’ve collected.  Beware the tendency to be a hoarder and hang on to clutter that doesn’t create wealth.


You’re thrifty, detail-oriented and good with follow through.  Lords are the so-called bean counters and number crunchers who are in zone when they’re analyzing data and improving efficiency.  Rarely seen, you control the natural  resources of the world.  And you’ve got more money than God.  Beware the tendency to  act slowly and cautiously, as opportunities may slip by while you analyze costs and benefits.


You’re the tinkerers and the engineers of the world, behind the scenes quietly creating better systems because you naturally understand how things work.  You’re in zone when you’re obsessing over details and optimizing processes.  Franchising is a mechanic’s dream…things that can be duplicated and replicated make you swoon.  Beware trying to start something from nothing.  You will only spin your wheels in vain.

Now, I’m curious.  Do your recognize yourself in one of these Wealth Genius Zones?  Are you a Lord or are you a Supporter? Leave a comment below and declare your genius to the world!

And if you’re not sure, click here to take the quiz and find out.

BTW, I’m a Creator all the way.  Plays well with Rebel.