What To Do on Your Weekly Money Date

When Friday rolled around last week, I busted out the photo booth app and recorded a quickie for you.

(Cowlick alert…I’ve got post-workout/bed head.  Never know when inspiration will strike.)

I’d just finished up my weekly money date so I wanted to share:

  • what’s important about having that date every week
  • what, exactly, happens on a money date
  • a printable checklist that you can use for your weekly money date.

It’s not quite as fun as an actual date night with my guy (too early for wine), but it has tremendously helped me transform my relationship with money.

That relationship transformation is the perfect starting place of being able to welcome the flow of more money, and more abundance of every kind, into your business and life.

As one of my clients said this week, “[It’s helpful to] see money as a conscious thing that has its own needs and wants.  I would never talk about a person the way I talk about money.  (Tweet that!)  Having these two realizations feels like a great way to shift that relationship with money.”


Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 9.52.53 AM


Don’t forget to download your printable Weekly Money Date checklist here.

Now, go schedule in your weekly money date and let me know, when is your date and what will you be doing when you sit down to get cozy with your money?

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