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Clear Your Money Clutter to Clear the Way for More

Clutter is a sink hole of stagnant energy and the more of it we can release, the more room we make for flow of all kinds, including the flow of money.

It’s hard to flow when a bunch of dust-covered tchotchkes and old CDs are in the way.  Or, worse…video tapes.

I’ve talked about clearing clutter in the past.  Clearing physical clutter out of your precious space.  Clearing the mental clutter of bad news.  And clearing the emotional clutter of naysayers and dream crushers.

There’s a new kind of clutter in town, y’all!

It’s money clutter.

And if we’re really going to get serious about making room for more, it’s not enough to just clean our closets and get rid of furniture the cat shredded while you were on vacation.

Today, I’m sharing five places to keep tidy and clutter free so that money energy can flow freely and with abandon through those places and through you.

Five places where money clutter accumulates:

oneYour wallet.

Think of your wallet as the home for your money.

You’ve addressed the clutter in your physical home, so take time every week to address the clutter in your money’s home.

Clean it out.  Get rid of punch cards you don’t use, uncrumple the fives and tens, make it easy to go in there and find what you need.

twoYour wallet, part 2.

Your wallet is a temple for you money, so check to see if your wallet is temple worthy.

Is it old or ripped or stained or coming apart at the seams?  If it is, replace it with a pretty, new temple that is a pleasure to hold and that organizes your stuff just the way you like it to be organized.

ThreeBills and receipts.

I used to just let my bills pile up on the table in the front hallway.  I wouldn’t open them (and that’s a whole other subject, so let’s keep moving).

And the receipts, if I saved them, were everywhere.  Crammed in my temple/wallet, bottom of purse, dining room table.  No order.  No way to know where my money was going.

Now I have folders.   Pretty ones with polka dots.  When I receive a bill or receipt, they go right into the folder at the end of the day.  At the end of the week, I open the folders.

It’s much less scary than I thought it would be.  Especially since I’m keeping up on a regular basis.

FourFound money.

They have this machine at the bank that counts up your loose change.  You dump it onto a little conveyor belt and the first time I did it, it conveyed into $72!  The whole time it’s running, you can see the tally getting higher and higher.  Delightful!

All that loose change lying around is money clutter.  Never mind that letting it lie around in your sofa, lint filter and junk drawer taints your relationship with money.

So gather it all up and take it to the little conveyor belt.   Conveying change into bills lets you feel lighter.  And richer.

Also, gift cards and gift certificates.  I bet you have a few lying around, unredeemed, taking up space and blocking flow.  Find them and use them and send a message to the Universe that you believe that there is always more where that came from.

FiveMoney owed.

Does anyone owe you money?  It’s time to collect.  Call in the money that is trying to come to you but that’s being held up by the person who owes you money.  And by call in, I mean, pick up the phone and request your money.

If it’s not possible to call them, then make a conscious decision to forgive the debt and move on.  Use the Radical Forgiveness technique or create some other ritual to release that stuck energy and open room for more to flow in.

Do you owe money to anyone?  It’s time to pay up.  If it’s a small amount, send a check.  If it’s too much to pay in one chunk, arrange a payment plan and follow through.  Pay attention to how much better and lighter and more free you feel when these two sticking points are handled.


When you clear up the clutter in any area of your life, you make room for more.  And clearing money clutter is the fast track to making room for more money.

So which area will you start with?  Leave a comment below and share  the area that will get your attention first.


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