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The Self Esteem Mind Map

I’ve been having fun playing with a tool that I discovered in Wire Yourself for Wealth, by Laura Leigh Clarke.

It’s a mind map.  And doing it really is like rewiring your brain for a different experience.  You can see the new neural pathways forming as your map evolves.

I’d encourage you to do it for anywhere you feel stuck or undeserving.

But let’s start with self-esteem.

Do you know about mind maps? They’re an organic way to capture ideas and thoughts as one springs from another, then another, then another.  Here’s an example:

Click on the map for more examples.


Here’s how you to it:

1.  You’ll need a large piece of paper or poster board.  BIG!

2.  Draw a circle in the middle of a sheet of paper and in the circle  write down the topic/theme that you are exploring or the title of the project that you’re brainstorming.  For now, let’s write “Reasons why I deserve more self esteem.”

(In future episodes, you could mind map “reasons why I deserve to make $ X,000,” or “reasons why I deserve 3 new clients,” or “reasons why I deserve to have a fulfilling relationship.”  Self-esteem is your foundation for feeling like you deserve all good things, so we start there.)

2.  Follow your flow as you draw bubbles around the central bubble.  Fill in all the things you can think of that you love about yourself.

Include things you like about the way you look; your accomplishments, talents, skills, successes; things people compliment you on; acknowledgements.  Keep going and going and going.  Don’t stop till you have at least 200 things and see if you can push through to 300, 400 even 500 things.  Wear yourself out.  Wring every bit of juice out of yourself until there is no doubt in your mind that you are worthy.

3.  Hang up your creation someplace you can see it often.  It really will be quite beautiful.  Look at it every day and remind yourself often of all the ways you are perfect, all the ways the rest of us are so lucky that you’re here, sharing space on the planet with the rest of us.

By now you should be feeling pretty dang good about yourself.

So, YAY, You!

And I’m curious.  What is one thing that you love about yourself today?  Leave a comment below and declare it to the Universe!

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