Overwhelm Schmoverwhelm!

Are we overwhelmed, yet?

Tis the season for overwhelm, for sure, but that’s not going to stop us from getting done what we need to get done, right?  Or at least doing what we can and letting the rest go.

No matter what, the holiday meal will be delivered, with or without the green beans with the little slivered almonds and with or without a tantrum or two.

But I’m curious.

Does overwhelm ever stop you from moving forward toward your big money goals, like saving for retirement or making a strategy for financial freedom or world domination?  Does it all just seem so big and undoable?

Sometimes I just want to hide under the covers.  Which is at least an improvement from my shopping-to-numb-the-pain days.


Hiding isn’t helping and I’m not getting any younger and there’s money to be managed and a business to grow!!

Does overwhelm paralyze you?

If you find that overwhelm has carved a bottomless chasm between you and what you want, getting across it may be simpler than you think.

It may be as simple as breaking the big goal down into smaller, doable pieces.  Bite sizes that you can swallow one at a time, rather than a giant chunk you might choke on.

Everything is totally doable and totally manageable when the steps are small enough.  (Tweet that, Sunshine.)

It’s like cooking a holiday dinner for a clan of 20.  Here’s how you do it…


Start with the desired outcome (AKA the meal plan) and a definite end date.

Work backwards along your timeline and brainstorm all the moving pieces that need to come together for the end result to be something Aunt Nancy would be proud of.


Schedule in what needs to be done and by when.  You may need Post-It notes.


Then work on one dish at a time until it all comes together in a delightful and delicious feast.

One dish at a time.  One bite at a time.

One step.  And then another.  Another, still.

And they all add up to carry you straight over that chasm of overwhelm.

Small steps add up to huge progress over time.


By the way, being overwhelmed by your collection of Post-It notes is another story.  You need tools for this journey to business success and financial mastery.  So next time I’ll review some personal project managements apps that I’m finding much sleeker than the Post-It Note approach.  Stay tuned!

How do you handle overwhelm in your business or when planning for your financial future?  Leave a comment below and share any tips or strategies you’ve found useful.

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