Win Tony Robbins’ New Book, Money (and tell me what you think, too)

Part A


Are you a Tony Robbins fan?

I haven’t been a follower, but in the past month four people mentioned his name, two forwarded an interview and the same interview with Marie Forleo landed in my own inbox.

Some things just can’t be ignored.

I guess Tony Robbins is one of them.

And his new book, Money–Master the Game: Seven Simple Steps to Financial Freedom, is another.


He has interviewed 50 bazillionaires to learn more about investing for the rest of us and provides some practical information in the book about what to do with your money so that it works for you and grows.

It’s practical. And simple.

So, YAY!

I ordered two copies this week.

And I’m giving one copy away!

WOOT! Free book to lucky reader!


Part B

Which brings me to Part B of this Thursday dispatch (and how to enter to win the book)

I love public speaking!  I love talking about money mindset and how to be irresistibly rich!

So, one of my goals for 2015 is to combine the two and schedule some talks.  A lot of talks.

Here’s where your feedback is really valuable.  (And how you get a chance to win Tony Robbins’ new book).

Tell me what you think about my talk titles.

Which one do you like the best from each group?  Which would grab your attention and make you put on some lipstick, comb your hair, grab a friend and show up?

Group one

1. Money 101:  How to be Irresistibly Rich From the Inside Out

2. Wealth 101:  How to Succeed at the Inner and Outer Game of Money (so you can have more, do more and be more in your life)

3. A Five Step Plan for Achieving Financial Wellness (in ANY Economy)

Group Two

1. Seven Ways Women Give Up Their Financial Power (and How to Reclaim and Sustain It Instead)

2. Prince Charming is NOT a Financial Plan:  Financial Freedom for Female Entrepreneurs

Group Three

1. A Five-Step Plan for Financial Empowerment in ANY Economy

2. Irresistibly Rich:  It’s Not (Just) About the Money


Leave a comment below.  Include your favorite title from each group and any feedback you have.

I’ll choose a winner next week.

NOTE:  In order to win, you need to be on my mailing list, so if you’re not already there, be sure to fill your details in the gray box first.


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2 thoughts on “Win Tony Robbins’ New Book, Money (and tell me what you think, too)”

  1. Set one: Wealth 101

    Set two: Prince Charming is not a financial plan (LOVE this one!)

    Set three: It’s a tie! I like the title of the second one best, but I like the topic of the first one. :)

    I look forward to hearing about which ones you go with this year!

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