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How to Fine-Tune Your Dream Machine

Y’all know I’m all about sending messages to the Universe.

And the clearer the better.

Too much waffling or too many mixed messages (like, “I want to make $108,000 this year, but I’ll settle for $20,000) confuses the Universe just enough so that it will go help someone else while we figure it out.

“It” being the thing that we truly desire.

I wanted to share a quick tip today about what looks juicy and doable to the Universe.

Actually Five Things You Need to Create a Well-Formed Desire that will have the Universe leaping into action for you.

Doing cartwheels.

Bending over backwards.


Make it positive.

Tell the Universe what you want, not what you don’t want.

Focusing on what you don’t want only magnifies the energy of that unwanted thing, drawing it to you like stink bugs to the sunny side of the house in winter.


Make it self-referential.

It’s your dream…you envisioned it and you maintain it and it doesn’t depend on having anyone else change so that you can have what you want.

If you think, “If only this person would do this or be more that…,” it’s time to revisit your vision.


Make it achievable within a certain time frame.

It’s great to have a long-term vision, and it’s even more exciting to have stepping stones to that vision that are achievable within a shorter time frame.

Every small step taken towards a bigger picture dream keeps us motivated and moving.

Along the same lines…


Cut it into bite-sized pieces.

Chew.  Swallow.  Repeat.

Too big a bite may lead to choking, so make your bites big enough to satisfy, but small enough to nourish.


Know how it’s going to tickle your senses.

Take time to describe your dream in great sensory detail.  What will it look like?  Will it have a taste or a smell to it?  How will it sound?  And, super important, how will it feel?

When you know these sensory details, you will be the first to recognize that your desire is starting to take form and become real.


And, can we get a little woo-woo for a second (because it’s been a while, and I’m on a roll with Universe-talk)?

Loading up those sensory details is High Vibration Manifestation Mojo.

Yep.  Woo.  Woo.

It’s like plucking the A string on one guitar and having another guitar’s A string start to vibrate.  It gets you in tune with your desire so that your desire starts to vibrate right along with you and before you know it, you and your desire are like Simon & Garfunkel, all in tune and harmonizing and completing each other musically.


Ready to jam?

Leave a comment below and tell us what you’ll be seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting or smelling when you have what you want? Don’t be shy!

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