Totem of the Week: Mountain Goat

Surefootedness and Seeking New Heights.

A few years ago, we backpacked into The Enchantments, a remote area filled with alpine lakes nestled beneath towering peaks in the Cascade Mountains in Washington State.  We were lucky to get a permit and spending time there was worth every blister.

One thing that enchanted me were the mountain goats.  It was summer.  There were babies, kids!  They follow you around like puppies.  Those eyes.  LOVE!!

goats 3

I feel connected to (and enchanted) by all animals, but mountain goats haven’t been on my radar as a particularly powerful totem for me.

That’s why I was surprised recently when one came to me in a meditation.  I’ve been working with Ted Andrews’ book, Animal Speak.  If you’re wondering what your animal totem is, he offers some nice guided meditations to help the discovery process.  And some woo-woo things with feathers, which may or may not be your cup of tea.

Back to goats, though.  Don’t let the fluffy coats and big eyes fool you.  They’re built for climbing high in the most precarious environments, where a pea-sized toe hold is enough to propel them to the next level.

Mountain goats teach us how to stretch.

They teach us how to reach for new heights, new goals, new levels of growth.

More significantly, they teach use how to trust in our own gifts and how to land on our feet every time.


When a mountain goat shows up in your life, whether in a dream, or a meditation or even in your inbox, consider it an invitation to start climbing, to begin something new.

It may be just what you need to propel you to your next level.

And the beauty of the mountain goat as a temporary totem is that its energy also reminds us to keep going even when we fear that we’ll slip back to where we started.  Mountain goat helps us regain balance and maintain perspective, all so we can keep climbing.



goats lurking








That’s me with my stepson, Andy Giordano, who is an AMAZING photographer.  You can see his take on the goats, the Enchantments and so many other spectacular photos HERE.

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