Totem of the Week: Horse

Like lots of little girls, I was a fiend for horses.  I knew all the breeds, doodled them all over my notebooks and, most embarrassingly, made obnoxious kissing noises from the back seat of the Pontiac LeMans every time I saw one out the window. Every time.  We lived in Texas.  This must have driven my parents insane.

Arabians were my breed of choice, and to this day I make a point of driving by the Arabian farm east of town and try to catch a glimpse of these elegant creatures.

Horse represents travel, power and freedom.

No wonder I love them!


If a horse has galloped into your life, expect new journeys, both real and metaphorical.  Horse teaches you to explore new directions and to keep moving if you feel stuck so you can expand your vistas and your choices.


True power is sharing your gifts, talents and abilities, unfiltered and unabashedly.

True power is the ability to move gracefully through the world while expressing the truest possible version of you.

If horse has come to you as a totem, it’s inviting you to step into your true power.


Freedom of expression.  Freedom to choose.  Freedom to let go and ride in new directions.  Freedom to say No.  Freedom to say Yes.

Where do you need more freedom in your life?




As for Arabians:  they teach “accept the challenges before you so that you can experience the euphoria of success.”

(From, where you can find more about specific breeds that you find enchanting or that have come into your life.)

What’s your animal totem?   Leave a comment and let me know what animal has always spoken to you or even what’s been  popping up a lot lately.

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