New binder = pitter patter heart!

A KICK-ASS Formula for Googly-Eyes.

Well, I did it again.  I signed up for another program.

I’m a learner by nature, so programs and me go together like hipsters and sideburns.  I’m a sponge for new info.  And new takes on classic ideas.

One thing that’s fun about online programs, besides having a good reason to go to Staples and to create a binder, is the community that forms and the discussions that rage on the facebook pages.

We’re off to a good start this week with elevator speeches.

Starting with an agreement to STOP CALLING THEM ELEVATOR SPEECHES!

Because that’s just boring.  And those 60 seconds to tell people what you do should be anything but boring.  It should be KICK ASS!

When people ask, “So what do you do,” we want them to go all googly-eyed and say, “Ooooooooo!!” when we tell them.  That’s how we know we’re about to have a chance to be of service.

So I wanted to share a formula to help you craft a catchy answer that will have potential clients dying to hear more.

Because there should be more googly-eyed people in the world.

It breaks down like this…

Part 1.  Who do you serve?

“I help/show/teach/coach (who you work with). . .”

Part 2.  What’s the problems your clients struggle with?

“. . .who are struggling with (problem)…”

Part 3.  What’s the solution they want?

“. . .to (list problems). . .”

Part 4.  What’s the emotional happy ending?  AKA Googly-Eye factor.

“. . .so they can (emotional happy ending).”

Mix and match and practice saying it out loud until it feels aligned with who you are and it rolls off your tongue as easily as saying your own name.

Example:   I help creative entrepreneurs transform their relationship to money so they can make a fantastic living doing what they love.


So, what do you do?  Leave a comment below with your hot message.  Make us swoon.


P.S.  Thanks to Holistic MBA Core Training for the inspiration for this work.  That’s my new program and it’s THE BOMB.  Check it out if you do any coaching and you want to grow that part of your business.

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