Totem of the Week: Woodpecker

Woodpecker teaches the power of rhythm.

They remind us to balance the rhythms of work and play, activity and rest, seeking and allowing in our lives.

I consider the woodpecker one of my top animal totems.  When I spot one, I stop everything to ogle.  And listen.  Their drumming mesmerizes me.

Last summer a pair of red-bellied woodpeckers gifted us with a nest in the old apple tree in our backyard.  They hatched one glorious, hungry woodpeckerette who insisted on bugs, grubs and suet from our feeder.



When you’re worried that you’re not keeping up, or that everyone else is experiencing life or success at a totally different (probably faster) pace than you, connect with woodpecker energy.

Woodpecker’s unusual flight pattern teaches us to follow our individual rhythm, go at a pace that serves us and to fly in our unique way.

If a woodpecker shows up in your life, it may be letting you know that it’s safe to follow your own rhythms.



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