How to Fine-Tune Your Dream Machine

Y’all know I’m all about sending messages to the Universe.

And the clearer the better.

Too much waffling or too many mixed messages (like, “I want to make $108,000 this year, but I’ll settle for $20,000) confuses the Universe just enough so that it will go help someone else while we figure it out.

“It” being the thing that we truly desire.

I wanted to share a quick tip today about what looks juicy and doable to the Universe.

Actually Five Things You Need to Create a Well-Formed Desire that will have the Universe leaping into action for you.

Doing cartwheels.

Bending over backwards.


Make it positive.

Tell the Universe what you want, not what you don’t want.

Focusing on what you don’t want only magnifies the energy of that unwanted thing, drawing it to you like stink bugs to the sunny side of the house in winter.


Make it self-referential.

It’s your dream…you envisioned it and you maintain it and it doesn’t depend on having anyone else change so that you can have what you want.

If you think, “If only this person would do this or be more that…,” it’s time to revisit your vision.


Make it achievable within a certain time frame.

It’s great to have a long-term vision, and it’s even more exciting to have stepping stones to that vision that are achievable within a shorter time frame.

Every small step taken towards a bigger picture dream keeps us motivated and moving.

Along the same lines…


Cut it into bite-sized pieces.

Chew.  Swallow.  Repeat.

Too big a bite may lead to choking, so make your bites big enough to satisfy, but small enough to nourish.


Know how it’s going to tickle your senses.

Take time to describe your dream in great sensory detail.  What will it look like?  Will it have a taste or a smell to it?  How will it sound?  And, super important, how will it feel?

When you know these sensory details, you will be the first to recognize that your desire is starting to take form and become real.


And, can we get a little woo-woo for a second (because it’s been a while, and I’m on a roll with Universe-talk)?

Loading up those sensory details is High Vibration Manifestation Mojo.

Yep.  Woo.  Woo.

It’s like plucking the A string on one guitar and having another guitar’s A string start to vibrate.  It gets you in tune with your desire so that your desire starts to vibrate right along with you and before you know it, you and your desire are like Simon & Garfunkel, all in tune and harmonizing and completing each other musically.


Ready to jam?

Leave a comment below and tell us what you’ll be seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting or smelling when you have what you want? Don’t be shy!

Totem of the Week: Mountain Goat

Surefootedness and Seeking New Heights.

A few years ago, we backpacked into The Enchantments, a remote area filled with alpine lakes nestled beneath towering peaks in the Cascade Mountains in Washington State.  We were lucky to get a permit and spending time there was worth every blister.

One thing that enchanted me were the mountain goats.  It was summer.  There were babies, kids!  They follow you around like puppies.  Those eyes.  LOVE!!

goats 3

I feel connected to (and enchanted) by all animals, but mountain goats haven’t been on my radar as a particularly powerful totem for me.

That’s why I was surprised recently when one came to me in a meditation.  I’ve been working with Ted Andrews’ book, Animal Speak.  If you’re wondering what your animal totem is, he offers some nice guided meditations to help the discovery process.  And some woo-woo things with feathers, which may or may not be your cup of tea.

Back to goats, though.  Don’t let the fluffy coats and big eyes fool you.  They’re built for climbing high in the most precarious environments, where a pea-sized toe hold is enough to propel them to the next level.

Mountain goats teach us how to stretch.

They teach us how to reach for new heights, new goals, new levels of growth.

More significantly, they teach use how to trust in our own gifts and how to land on our feet every time.


When a mountain goat shows up in your life, whether in a dream, or a meditation or even in your inbox, consider it an invitation to start climbing, to begin something new.

It may be just what you need to propel you to your next level.

And the beauty of the mountain goat as a temporary totem is that its energy also reminds us to keep going even when we fear that we’ll slip back to where we started.  Mountain goat helps us regain balance and maintain perspective, all so we can keep climbing.



goats lurking








That’s me with my stepson, Andy Giordano, who is an AMAZING photographer.  You can see his take on the goats, the Enchantments and so many other spectacular photos HERE.

What To Do When You Know You’re Failing

There was an article in the New York Times last Sunday about failed start-ups.

But no one was wallowing in their sorrows or crying into their raw vanilla lattes.

In fact, one savvy entrepreneur had organized a yearly conference–FailCon–where entrepreneurs came together to share their stories and celebrate their failures.

Some had squandered millions of angel investor money.  One had a product that no one liked.  He shut the whole company down, told his story at the conference, and then had 100,000 requests for information.  That guy might have wallowed a bit.

FailCon eventually failed, too.  (Oh, the irony.)  They decided to call it quits in the U.S. once they realized that failure as a badge of honor was finally on everyone’s radar.

In Transformational Coaching we have a paradigm that says this:

There is no such thing as failure, only feedback.

On the one hand, yes, it’s an invitation to turn failures into learning experiences, to glean what you can from the choices you made and to move on to the next adventure with more wisdom under your belt.

Macro FailCon!

Love it.  It’s smart.  It’s important to be on entrepreneurial people’s radar.  But there’s more.

What happens when you’re failing in the moment?

When you’re face-to-face with a client or prospect and your message isn’t landing?  When your audience is restless?  When you hear white noise after a launch or a client isn’t following through on your suggestions?

Before you decide YOU are a failure, broken, out of her league, totally unloveable and barely human, take a deep breath.

Remind yourself that failure isn’t an invitation to find yourself lacking.

Rather, failure is simply an invitation to do something, anything, different.

There’s no such thing as failure, only feedback.

Feedback that tells you to try something new.

Be willing to abandon your plan and ad lib until something connects.

Be willing to skip the notes and speak from your heart about what you’re passionate about.

Be willing to rework a product.

Tweak the language you use to promote it.

Refer a client on to someone else if necessary.

Success doesn’t have a recipe.

It’s an intuitive experiment where you use what’s available.  Maybe some raspberry jam and chipotle peppers, tofu and kale leads to an exquisite new taste sensation.

Or maybe it leads to “Meh,” and begs for more experimentation.

Keep experimenting in everything.

And be willing to change course as needed until something sticks.

FailCon did.  They didn’t last in the U.S.  So they went global, instead.  They took their important message to new people who hadn’t heard it, yet.  Invitation accepted!

(Oh, and the raspberry jam, chipotle peppers, tofu, kale?  Exquisite!)


I’m curious…have you ever had a business disaster that you salvaged by trying something different? I’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment below and share your story.  Let’ have a mini FailCon!

Totem of the Week: Horse

Like lots of little girls, I was a fiend for horses.  I knew all the breeds, doodled them all over my notebooks and, most embarrassingly, made obnoxious kissing noises from the back seat of the Pontiac LeMans every time I saw one out the window. Every time.  We lived in Texas.  This must have driven my parents insane.

Arabians were my breed of choice, and to this day I make a point of driving by the Arabian farm east of town and try to catch a glimpse of these elegant creatures.

Horse represents travel, power and freedom.

No wonder I love them!


If a horse has galloped into your life, expect new journeys, both real and metaphorical.  Horse teaches you to explore new directions and to keep moving if you feel stuck so you can expand your vistas and your choices.


True power is sharing your gifts, talents and abilities, unfiltered and unabashedly.

True power is the ability to move gracefully through the world while expressing the truest possible version of you.

If horse has come to you as a totem, it’s inviting you to step into your true power.


Freedom of expression.  Freedom to choose.  Freedom to let go and ride in new directions.  Freedom to say No.  Freedom to say Yes.

Where do you need more freedom in your life?




As for Arabians:  they teach “accept the challenges before you so that you can experience the euphoria of success.”

(From, where you can find more about specific breeds that you find enchanting or that have come into your life.)

What’s your animal totem?   Leave a comment and let me know what animal has always spoken to you or even what’s been  popping up a lot lately.

A KICK-ASS Formula for Googly-Eyes.

Well, I did it again.  I signed up for another program.

I’m a learner by nature, so programs and me go together like hipsters and sideburns.  I’m a sponge for new info.  And new takes on classic ideas.

One thing that’s fun about online programs, besides having a good reason to go to Staples and to create a binder, is the community that forms and the discussions that rage on the facebook pages.

We’re off to a good start this week with elevator speeches.

Starting with an agreement to STOP CALLING THEM ELEVATOR SPEECHES!

Because that’s just boring.  And those 60 seconds to tell people what you do should be anything but boring.  It should be KICK ASS!

When people ask, “So what do you do,” we want them to go all googly-eyed and say, “Ooooooooo!!” when we tell them.  That’s how we know we’re about to have a chance to be of service.

So I wanted to share a formula to help you craft a catchy answer that will have potential clients dying to hear more.

Because there should be more googly-eyed people in the world.

It breaks down like this…

Part 1.  Who do you serve?

“I help/show/teach/coach (who you work with). . .”

Part 2.  What’s the problems your clients struggle with?

“. . .who are struggling with (problem)…”

Part 3.  What’s the solution they want?

“. . .to (list problems). . .”

Part 4.  What’s the emotional happy ending?  AKA Googly-Eye factor.

“. . .so they can (emotional happy ending).”

Mix and match and practice saying it out loud until it feels aligned with who you are and it rolls off your tongue as easily as saying your own name.

Example:   I help creative entrepreneurs transform their relationship to money so they can make a fantastic living doing what they love.


So, what do you do?  Leave a comment below with your hot message.  Make us swoon.


P.S.  Thanks to Holistic MBA Core Training for the inspiration for this work.  That’s my new program and it’s THE BOMB.  Check it out if you do any coaching and you want to grow that part of your business.

Totem of the Week: Woodpecker

Woodpecker teaches the power of rhythm.

They remind us to balance the rhythms of work and play, activity and rest, seeking and allowing in our lives.

I consider the woodpecker one of my top animal totems.  When I spot one, I stop everything to ogle.  And listen.  Their drumming mesmerizes me.

Last summer a pair of red-bellied woodpeckers gifted us with a nest in the old apple tree in our backyard.  They hatched one glorious, hungry woodpeckerette who insisted on bugs, grubs and suet from our feeder.



When you’re worried that you’re not keeping up, or that everyone else is experiencing life or success at a totally different (probably faster) pace than you, connect with woodpecker energy.

Woodpecker’s unusual flight pattern teaches us to follow our individual rhythm, go at a pace that serves us and to fly in our unique way.

If a woodpecker shows up in your life, it may be letting you know that it’s safe to follow your own rhythms.