Secrets of a Well-Compensated Entrepreneur

Step 4 in Manifesting Money in Five Easy Steps is this:

Brainstorm 20-30 ideas that you could use to generate income RIGHT NOW.  

Try it yourself and see why people resist.

It’s hard to get to 30!

It’s challenging, and towards the end they get more and more absurd.

Witness my own absurd ideas:

I have outfits.  I can hula hoop.  So, I could become a street performer, maybe stand on the corner and do my thing in a in a tutu and tiara.  (Shudder!)

I have parrots.  I could board other people’s parrots when they go on vacation.  (Shudder!)

I like pizza.  I could get a job at Pizza Hut.  (Push just came to shove right there.  I’d rather hula hoop in Pritchard Park.)

But ideas make us good entrepreneurs.  And well-compensated ones.

The Universe LOVES ideas, even ridiculous ones.  It loves that these ideas for making money prove we’re willing to show up and do what it takes to get where we want to go.

Plus, more ideas create momentum and momentum stimulates even more ideas.

In my 3K in 30 Days Program, rockin’ entrepreneurial women go through this exact exercise.  And then we take it one step further.

The Next Juicy Step…

One step further is to come up with three new ideas every single day as part of their new daily habits around money.

(Thanks to James Altucher for the three ideas a day idea.  If you don’t know him, check out his podcast.  He’s a true thought leader and interviews other amazing, thoughtful, inspiring people every week.)

A big part of financial success as an entrepreneur lies in reminding ourselves regularly that not only is money abundant all around us, but so are ideas.  (Tweet that!)

Ideas are an entrepreneur’s golden egg-laying goose.

Giving your idea goose a daily workout helps you be more discerning when it comes to which ideas are worth giving energy to and which ones are best left to someone else to bring to life.

So after you’ve generated your first 20-30 ideas for how you might make more money, commit to a daily practice of keeping the momentum going.

Brainstorm three ways you could generate income.  Every day.

If it’s a product you might create or a service you might offer, what is it, what problem does it solve for your customer?

It may be a refined version of yesterday’s idea or it may be a totally new idea.

  • Pay attention to your dreams.
  • Watch for serendipitous moments in your day.
  • Talk to people and tell them what you do.
  • Listen and be open to ideas from unusual sources.
  • Break up your routine and see what gets stirred up.
  • Ask better questions.
  • Practice saying “Yes!”  (Make sure you include the exclamation point!)
  • Start your day with this prayer from Marianne Williamson‘s book, The Law of Divine Compensation:  “Where would you have me go?  What would you have me do?  What would you have me say, and to whom?”

The Universe is trying to get your attention.  Whatever opportunities it presents are precisely the ones you are ready to act on.

Welcome all ideas no matter how weird, absurd or hula-hoop filled they are.

Above all, don’t worry about how any of them will come to life right now.

How is not the point.

You’ll generate a kaleidoscope of ideas over the course of time.   Some will be greeted with a resounding, “Meh,” while others will be zingers that scream, “Yes!  Create me!”

Say “Yes!” to the zingers.  Those are the fun ones.


So, what are your three ideas for the day?  Leave a comment and let us know—zingers, absurdities, revolutionary—we’ll applaud them all!

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