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Don’t Turn Off the Ringer When the Universe Calls. (It Won’t Work.)

It’s my job to help raise the wealth consciousness of the planet.

I know!  Right?

When the Universe calls, you answer.  Sometimes I just let it ring.  (Tweet that!)

Not to worry.

The Universe always calls back!

Today I share an amazing strategy for raising your wealth consciousness.  One that I resisted for years because of the leap of faith it requires.

One that I really didn’t understand, either.  Until recently.

It’s making me walk my talk, now.  Right after leaping into the void.

Prefer to read it?  Click here for transcript, give or take a few words.

What do you think, Sunshine?  Are you ready to leap?  I’m curious.  What excites you about this strategy?  Leave a comment below and share your first thoughts.

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