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Like a Pea Without Its Pod…How to Plump It Up Again

Do you ever hear of a technique or a practice, and you think, “Great idea! That will NEVER work for me.”

You may try it out for nine days then let it shrivel like a pea without its pod.

In today’s video, I share my struggle with one manifestation tool that sounded like a great idea, but didn’t come naturally to me at all.  I tried.  It shriveled. I tried again.

Today, I tell you what I don’t know about how it works.  And how I plumped up my pea in the end.

Hint:  You just never know when something will click.  (Tweet that!)

You just never know when all of your hard work will come to fruition and your dreams will start rushing towards you.

It’s part of the mystery of the Universe.

Prefer to read it?  Click here to get the transcript (more or less!)

What are you grateful for?  Leave a comment below and tell us three things you’re giving thanks for today.

See you next week, Sweet Pea!

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