Don’t Turn Off the Ringer When the Universe Calls. (It Won’t Work.)

It’s my job to help raise the wealth consciousness of the planet.

I know!  Right?

When the Universe calls, you answer.  Sometimes I just let it ring.  (Tweet that!)

Not to worry.

The Universe always calls back!

Today I share an amazing strategy for raising your wealth consciousness.  One that I resisted for years because of the leap of faith it requires.

One that I really didn’t understand, either.  Until recently.

It’s making me walk my talk, now.  Right after leaping into the void.

Prefer to read it?  Click here for transcript, give or take a few words.

What do you think, Sunshine?  Are you ready to leap?  I’m curious.  What excites you about this strategy?  Leave a comment below and share your first thoughts.

Like a Pea Without Its Pod…How to Plump It Up Again

Do you ever hear of a technique or a practice, and you think, “Great idea! That will NEVER work for me.”

You may try it out for nine days then let it shrivel like a pea without its pod.

In today’s video, I share my struggle with one manifestation tool that sounded like a great idea, but didn’t come naturally to me at all.  I tried.  It shriveled. I tried again.

Today, I tell you what I don’t know about how it works.  And how I plumped up my pea in the end.

Hint:  You just never know when something will click.  (Tweet that!)

You just never know when all of your hard work will come to fruition and your dreams will start rushing towards you.

It’s part of the mystery of the Universe.

Prefer to read it?  Click here to get the transcript (more or less!)

What are you grateful for?  Leave a comment below and tell us three things you’re giving thanks for today.

See you next week, Sweet Pea!

Keep going for your gold!

The Secret Sauce to Creating Your Next Level of Wealth

Did you ever wonder what the secret sauce is for creating that new level of wealth that you’re determined to have?

Today, I share the recipe.

It involves manipulating the system.  Flipping the switch.

The Universe LOVES that!

When you flip the switch on your old patterns, the Universe swoons.

It does its little happy dance because it means you’re getting it.


Prefer to read all about it?  Click here to get transcript.  (There’s some bonus How to material in the transcript, FYI.  Ideas!)


You don’t have to BE abundant to ATTRACT abundance.  You just have to FEEL abundant!  (Tweet that!)


What makes you feel abundant and rich?  Leave a comment below and share your secret sauce moment.

See you next week!!