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Embarrassing, but Effective…I Wish It Didn’t Work, but it Does.

Remember last week I said I’d go to the mat for that tip, even though it might be controversial or touchy or even offensive?

Ditto, this week.

Except the controversy is just an internal conflict in my mind.

Because I’m overcome by embarrassment at the thought of suggesting it.

But I’m too smitten with how well this works NOT to include it.

So, swallowing my pride, I offer you embarrassing but effective Tip #6 for how to raise your Prosperity Quotient.

Fire up the glue sticks!

Prefer to read all about it?  Click here for transcript.

YAY for glue sticks and glitter and sitting on the floor.  (Tweet that!)

I’m dying to know, has this ever worked for you?  Leave a comment below and share your own experience with this technique.

And thank you for humoring me.  You rock!

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