It’s Midnight. Do You Know Where Your Money Is?

Do you ever wonder why some people succeed at the game of money and others don’t, in spite of trying, especially in light of the fact that we are all basically created equal?

I got really curious about this when I was offering straight-up business coaching.

Some people ran with the advice.

And others circled the cul-de-sac and couldn’t seem to find the exit.

Turns out, there are some specific habits that money-savvy people have.  You can have them, too.

A little attention given to the right area on a regular basis and a habit is born.  (Tweet that!)

A good one.

One that will make a difference to your bottom line.

(BTW, who knew that iMovie reverses the images?  Pardon the graph blooper towards the end.  It flipped!)

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What you focus on expands!  (Tweet that, too!)


What do you do to keep your money story front and center?  Leave a comment below and let us know your favorite way to stay focused on your money.


Embarrassing, but Effective…I Wish It Didn’t Work, but it Does.

Remember last week I said I’d go to the mat for that tip, even though it might be controversial or touchy or even offensive?

Ditto, this week.

Except the controversy is just an internal conflict in my mind.

Because I’m overcome by embarrassment at the thought of suggesting it.

But I’m too smitten with how well this works NOT to include it.

So, swallowing my pride, I offer you embarrassing but effective Tip #6 for how to raise your Prosperity Quotient.

Fire up the glue sticks!

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YAY for glue sticks and glitter and sitting on the floor.  (Tweet that!)

I’m dying to know, has this ever worked for you?  Leave a comment below and share your own experience with this technique.

And thank you for humoring me.  You rock!

Stop Feeding the Fire. Shine Your Own Light, Instead.

Today’s video might just piss someone off.

It’s a risk I’m willing to take.

Because I’ll go to the mat for this tip.

I’ve said it before.  We’re on this journey to increased wealth together.  I started from scratch.

I wasn’t living in my car, or anything.  But…

Pea-sized bank balance.  Heinous day job.  Zero confidence in my skill as a coach or writer or transformational leader in spite of a big gulp of certificates and trainings under my belt.  Which ultimately meant feeling like a fraud every time I’d ask for money for my service.

So I started experimenting.  I tried things.  Everything I’ve mentioned here (and am covering in this series).

I’m sharing what’s had a big impact on my life.

And today’s tip is one of those things that sounds harsh, but completely shifted my ability to see the possibilities for myself and my future.

May it do the same for you, Sweet Pea.  You deserve a clear vision of your magnificent self and all the support in the world to let her shine.

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When you stop feeding the fire by engaging, it eventually putters out. Tweet: When you stop feeding the fire by engaging, it eventually putters out.  #mindmoneywealthproject at

Did I miss anything?  Other than stuff, junk food for the brain or toxic people, is there anything else you need to say clear out of your environment in order to say yes to the money you deserve?

Leave a comment below and let us know!


How to Keep Stirring Up Stuck Energy so Money Can Flow

What do you have to say no to so you can say yes to what you want?

There’s a constant juggling of yes and no as we move towards a dream of financial freedom.  Or any dream, really.

Last week, we said no to stuff.  We cleared out some money-blocking energy and put it on the curb.

That feels better, right?

It’s not just the corners of your living room or the drawers in your desk that hold stuck energy, though.

In today’s video, we look a second area in your life that might be begging for a good purge.

Let’s see how to stir up some more stuck energy this week.


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Resources to energize and uplift your energy.

This list is not even close to being complete.  It’s just…deadlines!!!

But here’s a question for you.  What is your best suggestion for media that’s inspiring, uplifting, positive and joy-based?  What would you recommend to the rest of us?  Leave a comment below and enlighten us!

And stay tuned.  Next week we Declutter the Danger Zone!  And get you one step closer to your goal.