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The First Thing to Do to Build Prosperity

I have an idea!

How about ten quick tips that will help you raise your Prosperity Quotient.  In 3 minutes or less!  On video!  Oh, yeah!

Short and sweet and designed to get you closer to abundance and financial ease.

Oh, yeah.

What’s PQ and why should I raise it, you ask?

Your Prosperity Quotient scores your ability to make and keep the amazing money you deserve by doing the work your were meant to be doing in the world.

It’s like your IQ, only it has to do with your money intelligence.

And it’s totally different from your IQ in that there are specific things you can do to raise it.

To get on your way to a higher PQ, watch the (short and sweet) video now.

And if you don’t know what your PQ is, click here to take the PQ Quiz.



Do me a favor and share this video with anyone you know who might struggle with indecision.

Thanks so much, and see you next week!

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