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Baby Birds Don’t Apologize For Wanting More

A pair of red-breasted woodpeckers is raising its family in the old apple tree in our backyard.

That tree has harbored a screech owl nest, sheltered songbirds and given food to everything that’s passed through the back yard, from squirrels to bears to yellow jackets.

It’s been falling down, limb by limb, over the past few years.  Even as it sheds its limbs, though, it still drops enough apples to feed an elephant.


It keeps giving.  And the rest of us receive it’s gifts.  Like Shel Silverstein’s Giving Tree.


Still standing.  And expanding.
Still standing. And expanding.  Looks like an elephant, in fact.

We are born to live large.

Everybody wants something.  

It’s not just human nature, but the nature of all life.  Like those woodpecker babies with their voracious appetites, life seeks to grow and expand.

We are all born to become more, to live large.  Even as the apple tree falls down a section at a time, it is still expanding and still producing.  So many apples.

That’s why existing every day in a meaningless, boring day job is so quick to dim a soul’s light.

Because our souls want us to know more, to do more, to be more so we can give more.  We are born to shine more.

Expanding your wealth is natural.

Deciding to expand your wealth consciousness and, by extension, your bank account is part of this natural order of things.

I could expand my own bank account exponentially if I had a nickel for every time I heard someone say that it’s not spiritual to be rich.

As if poverty were somehow virtuous.

It’s disrespectful to the very force that gives life, the force that animates our soul, to embrace a life of poverty if our soul is calling us to expand and allow abundance to flow through us and out into the world.

What does your soul want?

Only you know how to answer that question.

But I invite you to answer it for yourself without leaning on old beliefs or culture or family patterns.  Root out the influences that nudge you to answer that question in a way that doesn’t ring true for you.

What does your soul want?  What’s best for your growth and expansion?

Do what’s right for you!

Some people thrive in a life of simplicity and are happiest when their basic needs are met without much fanfare or stuff.  To them, sitting on the porch eating a perfectly ripe peach is heaven.

Some, like Peace Pilgrim, put their material needs in the hands of a Higher Power and trust that everything they need will be provided to them.  And it is.

Others aspire to philanthropy, and for that, they need great wealth so they can give it to those less fortunate or invest in brilliant businesses that need capital to take off and fly.

You might want money enough to support artists that otherwise might starve.

Or money enough to buy organic food from local farmers whose values you support.

Or maybe you want enough money to invest in your own personal growth.  Because you know that by investing in yourself, you’re better able to inspire others.

It can't help itself.  It grows out of a crack in the patio.
It can’t help itself.    Crazy sunflower grows out of a crack in the patio!

There’s nothing wrong with wanting more.

Where are you on the continuum?

Explore your own soul’s whispers and shouts as you push through the jungle of stuff that isn’t yours.  Keep your mind open to what’s right for you.

How much do you want to earn?  How much do you need to be happy and to do the work you came here to do?

Your desires are messages from your soul.

What you long for is your soul’s way of telling you what’s possible for you and what it needs to do its work.

Your desires are the whispers and shouts of your soul.

Honor that communication.  Say yes to moving towards your desires.

This is sacred work.

Celebrating your desires may force you to expand beyond what you dared imagine as possible for you.

Remember, without expanding your lungs and drawing in a big breath of air, it’s impossible to sing.  (Tweet it!)

Without opening your wings and extending your reach, it’s impossible to fly.

Being rich is a spiritual path.  The degree of wealth may be unique to you, but treat as sacred every dime the Universe gives you to manage.

If your soul tells you that you’re meant to have vast wealth, open to receive it and start watching for opportunities that you wouldn’t have seen before, when you believed that being poor was the only way to be spiritual.

Let the baby birds be your role model.  They unapologetically clamber for more.  They’re wired to know what they need to grow and they demand nothing less.

Spiritual work is hungry work.

Open wide and receive what your soul needs you to have!

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