Baby Birds Don’t Apologize For Wanting More

A pair of red-breasted woodpeckers is raising its family in the old apple tree in our backyard.

That tree has harbored a screech owl nest, sheltered songbirds and given food to everything that’s passed through the back yard, from squirrels to bears to yellow jackets.

It’s been falling down, limb by limb, over the past few years.  Even as it sheds its limbs, though, it still drops enough apples to feed an elephant.


It keeps giving.  And the rest of us receive it’s gifts.  Like Shel Silverstein’s Giving Tree.


Still standing.  And expanding.
Still standing. And expanding.  Looks like an elephant, in fact.

We are born to live large.

Everybody wants something.  

It’s not just human nature, but the nature of all life.  Like those woodpecker babies with their voracious appetites, life seeks to grow and expand.

We are all born to become more, to live large.  Even as the apple tree falls down a section at a time, it is still expanding and still producing.  So many apples.

That’s why existing every day in a meaningless, boring day job is so quick to dim a soul’s light.

Because our souls want us to know more, to do more, to be more so we can give more.  We are born to shine more.

Expanding your wealth is natural.

Deciding to expand your wealth consciousness and, by extension, your bank account is part of this natural order of things.

I could expand my own bank account exponentially if I had a nickel for every time I heard someone say that it’s not spiritual to be rich.

As if poverty were somehow virtuous.

It’s disrespectful to the very force that gives life, the force that animates our soul, to embrace a life of poverty if our soul is calling us to expand and allow abundance to flow through us and out into the world.

What does your soul want?

Only you know how to answer that question.

But I invite you to answer it for yourself without leaning on old beliefs or culture or family patterns.  Root out the influences that nudge you to answer that question in a way that doesn’t ring true for you.

What does your soul want?  What’s best for your growth and expansion?

Do what’s right for you!

Some people thrive in a life of simplicity and are happiest when their basic needs are met without much fanfare or stuff.  To them, sitting on the porch eating a perfectly ripe peach is heaven.

Some, like Peace Pilgrim, put their material needs in the hands of a Higher Power and trust that everything they need will be provided to them.  And it is.

Others aspire to philanthropy, and for that, they need great wealth so they can give it to those less fortunate or invest in brilliant businesses that need capital to take off and fly.

You might want money enough to support artists that otherwise might starve.

Or money enough to buy organic food from local farmers whose values you support.

Or maybe you want enough money to invest in your own personal growth.  Because you know that by investing in yourself, you’re better able to inspire others.

It can't help itself.  It grows out of a crack in the patio.
It can’t help itself.    Crazy sunflower grows out of a crack in the patio!

There’s nothing wrong with wanting more.

Where are you on the continuum?

Explore your own soul’s whispers and shouts as you push through the jungle of stuff that isn’t yours.  Keep your mind open to what’s right for you.

How much do you want to earn?  How much do you need to be happy and to do the work you came here to do?

Your desires are messages from your soul.

What you long for is your soul’s way of telling you what’s possible for you and what it needs to do its work.

Your desires are the whispers and shouts of your soul.

Honor that communication.  Say yes to moving towards your desires.

This is sacred work.

Celebrating your desires may force you to expand beyond what you dared imagine as possible for you.

Remember, without expanding your lungs and drawing in a big breath of air, it’s impossible to sing.  (Tweet it!)

Without opening your wings and extending your reach, it’s impossible to fly.

Being rich is a spiritual path.  The degree of wealth may be unique to you, but treat as sacred every dime the Universe gives you to manage.

If your soul tells you that you’re meant to have vast wealth, open to receive it and start watching for opportunities that you wouldn’t have seen before, when you believed that being poor was the only way to be spiritual.

Let the baby birds be your role model.  They unapologetically clamber for more.  They’re wired to know what they need to grow and they demand nothing less.

Spiritual work is hungry work.

Open wide and receive what your soul needs you to have!

PicMonkey Collage


What does your soul want you to have?  Leave a comment below and let us know.  And if you liked this article, please share it with your friends.


Manifestation 101: Dare to Dream


I had an unsettling conversation with a massage therapist recently.  She struggles on a daily basis to make ends meet.

She squeaks by month after month and has actually gotten used to the stress of that.  It’s just the way life is.  Her life, anyway.

I felt sad as I listened to her story.

She’d be massaging necks for the rest of her life because she’d been bad with her money in her prime earning years.  She’d never had a university education, so her earning potential was next to nothing.  The market was saturated, so she didn’t stand a chance.  (I learned that there are 6,000 massage therapists in our small city—that’s one for every 20 people!)

Some serious hustle will need to happen to make a living.

Or else some more serious excuses to stay of the game and stuck struggling.

Her big dream…

Her big dream was to be able to go the the movies once a month.

I gently pressed for more dreams and desires and she fought me all the way to, “Okay, fine.  I want a ground floor apartment so my clients don’t have to climb stairs.”

On the bright side, she was doing many things well.  No debt.  A little savings.  Spending less than she makes.  She acknowledged that the Universe always provides just enough to pay her bills and shop for food.  She even manifested a new car not long ago when hers went to the great junkyard in the sky.

Still, her big dream is a ground floor apartment.

What’s wrong with ground floor apartments?

Nothing against ground floor apartments, but do you see what’s so, so wrong with this picture?

She’s manifesting exactly what she wants and the Universe is providing exactly what she asks for.


Rather, nothing more that what she has already—just enough business to pay the bills; a roof over her head (no extra charge for the stairs); an opportunity to work the rest of her life.

Woo Hoo!

The really sad part…

Okay, the really sad part? She really is hustling to market her business.  Making cold calls, getting press, distributing rack cards, networking events, investing in a website.

In her efforts to change her situation and manifest more business, more income, she’s mastering the part that most people skip and skipping the part that most people master.

Now, I’m the queen of doing things in the reverse order, but our lovely therapist is neglecting to build a foundation for manifestation that no amount of taking action will make up for.

Before you take one step towards your dream, you have to have a dream.  (Tweet that!)

The dream is the foundation.

Without dreams, the Universe doesn’t know how to coordinate happy accidents, present serendipitous moments or open doors for you.  It won’t know which doors to open if it doesn’t know where you want to go.

The moment you decide what you want, the wheels of the Universe start turning.  One cog connects to another connects to a drive train connects to a fan belt connects to a wheel connects to the exact next thing that puts you closer to your dream.

That next thing may look like nothing to you.

It’s impossible to know.

What’s important…

It’s important to have faith in the magic of the Universe and to stay open to what presents itself.

It’s important to believe that the Universe doesn’t put opportunities in front of you unless you are ready to reach for them.

It’s important to leave the “how” up to the Universe and keep doing your part—dreaming your dream and taking actions.

No action is wrong.  If you go off course, the Universe recalibrates.

It’s important to know that having a dream, no matter how far-fetched it may seem, is your soul’s way of prompting you to expand into your greatness and to expand into your full potential.

Your soul yearns for expansion and growth.  Squeaking by in a top floor apartment and manifesting just enough to cover the bills denies your soul’s purpose and its desire for you—growth and wholeness.

Making amazing money isn’t bad.  It’s a way to honor your soul’s desire for growth and wholeness.  It’s part of your spiritual path.  (Tweet that, too!)

This is a belief that’s worth incorporating into your belief system!

Making amazing money is part of your spiritual path.

Just set a course and hold the vision and the faith.

Above all, dare to dream.


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And if you’re dreaming like crazy, but still struggling to get to the amazing money you deserve, consider scheduling a Money Mindset Breakthrough Session with me.  I can help open the floodgates!


A Simple Recipe for a Dream Sandwich

I’ve conquered barking dogs, crowing roosters and my fear of appearing on camera today with my first video!

Woo Hoo!

It’s not perfect.  Which should please all you Recovering Perfectionists out there.

It’s such a fun idea, though…make a Dream Sandwich.

When I make a Dream Sandwich, I get so energized and so excited and so joyful about my dreams that I know the Universe goes into overdrive to help make them come true at warp speed.

Here’s your simple recipe for a Dream Sandwich.



(If you’d rather read the transcript, you can check it out HERE.)

Leave a comment below and tell me…what’s in your Dream Sandwich?

The Truth About Meditation…It Kind of Sucks While You’re Doing It

Mark Twain said, “Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world.  I know because I’ve done it thousands of times.”

I feel the same way about meditation.  Only it’s thousands of times I started.  Thousands of times it never really took.

Every time I fall off the wagon, I wonder if it really will help me as much as “they” say.  Will it help me get clear on what my soul wants?  Will it provide a multitude of health benefits?  Will it increase creativity, improve memory, kindle compassion, fine-tune my focus?

Apparently, yes.  (But don’t take my word for it.  Google “Benefits of Meditation” and see if you don’t dust off your meditation cushion immediately.)

It’s a panacea!

One part of me recognizes the value of a regular meditation practice.

In my coaching practice, I help people identify and change habits and beliefs that don’t serve them so they can become more fully who they want to be.

And, any time you decide to become more fully the person you want to be, you start with self-awareness.  Meditation helps strengthen and refine that awareness.

But, my God, it’s agonizing!

I quit meditation dozens of times because I didn’t realize the truth about meditation.

It kind of sucks while you’re doing it.  And that’s part of the trade-off.

It’s like exercise.  Normal people don’t like to run five miles or do biceps curls or swim laps in a pool.

It’s BORING!  And hard.  And something might get sore.

But do you ever regret having gone for a run or having sweated through a spin class?

Nope. No regrets.

Same with meditation.

It’s boring.  And hard sometimes.  And something might get sore.

But, like exercise, it releases endorphins (feel-good chemicals from your brain).  And those endorphins swirl around in your system the rest of the day.

Woo Hoo!  You feel good the rest of the day.

And more focused and productive and anti-inflammatory, too.

Was it just me getting harassed by militant Buddhist nuns?

If you fidget too much, though, a buddhist nun might yell at you to cut it out after waking you up at 5am with her smug little bell.  Never mind that someone in your dorm-style accommodations kept you up all night with their epic snoring.  And the nuns’ll make you clean toilets as your contribution to the community and you’ll binge on the chocolate chip cookies you hid in your bag because you knew they’d serve rice pudding for dessert.  Yuck.  THEN, you’ll vow never to meditate again.

Oh, I digress.

But not really.

It doesn’t have to be so hard.

I had some misgiven ideas about meditation for years which kept me from embracing it, even though I knew it did good things for me.  I’d studied with some teachers who’d set some unrealistic expectations about the practice (see buddhist nun aside above).

I bought into those expectations (because I was a straight A student, recovering now).

Don’t make the same mistakes I did!


Unrealistic expectations #1-3:

1.  That you have to meditate for an hour.  2.  That you have to meditate for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening.  2.  That you have to spend 3 full days in meditation EVERY MONTH in order to really benefit.

The Truth:  No, no and no!!!  Unrealistic expectations like these only ignited the rebel in me and made me resist the whole idea of meditation, straight A’s be damned.  Who has 3 days a month to set aside for meditation?

A more realistic expectation would be to start with 2-10 minutes every morning and pat yourself on the back for consistency.  Working up to 30 minutes a day would be awesome.  But, honestly, a little is better than nothing, so if 2 minutes is all you have, gold stars and high fives to you for those perfect 2 minutes of breathing and focus.

You’ll probably find that over time 2 minutes is not enough and you’ll want to sit longer.  Or not.  Either way is perfect.

Unrealistic expectation #4:

You have to sit perfectly still, spine straight, legs contorted, itches left unscratched.  Or else the buddhist nun cracks your knuckles.

The Truth:  Sit any way you want.  Sit in a chair, in your bed, back supported if that’s what you need.  It’s not fun to sit in meditation, usually, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer, either.

And being perfectly still is for the birds.  And the Zen Buddhists.  I teach a meditation that uses arm movements to capture mental energy and bring it to the heart center for transformation.  You get to wave your arms for a while, which leads to more stillness later.

Unrealistic expectation #5:

That there’s only one way to meditate.

The Truth:  There are a thousand ways to meditate.  You can watch your breath. You can focus on a mantra.  You can practice loving-kindness meditation.  There are walking meditations.  Meditations focused on your heart center.  Chanting meditations.

Find what’s right for you.  It may vary from day to day.

Avoid dogma.

You don’t need any special equipment from the online meditation superstore.

Embrace endorphins

Be consistent in your practice.

It’s your practice.  You get to decide.

Decide to start and decide to be gentle with yourself if you don’t do it perfectly.

You can’t do it wrong.

Start where you are and enjoy the journey to where your soul leads you.

Just start.  Your mind, body and spirit all will cheer.


I’m really curious…how do you meditate?  Leave a comment below and let me know what your daily practice is (or will be if you haven’t started yet.)