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If It’s Easy, It’s Wrong

Do you mastermind?

I highly recommend it.

My mastermind group is small.  Five creative women who share many of the same philosophies about business.  We get together weekly to support and encourage each other.  We hold each other accountable.

Last week, I shared how much I dreaded going to networking events, but forced myself to go as part of my marketing plan.

I got some push back re: “forcing myself” and “dreading.”  (I might have said, “I hate networking!”  I’m usually careful about not hating on anything, but it slipped out between sips of decaf latte.)

One lovely lady pointed out (and the others agreed) that if I felt that way about something, I shouldn’t do it.  I could choose not to put myself through that stress.  Choose to stay comfortable.  Choose to follow the fun.

I’m all about following the fun.

When I considered ditching networking events, part of me danced a jig.  I saw the escape hatch open, and I was eager to jig right on through to freedom and relief on the other side.  No more networking events?  That sounded like fun!

But another part of me resisted the path of least resistance.

In my physical therapy practice, I tell people, “If it’s easy, it’s wrong.”

Meaning, if people don’t get physically uncomfortable–get a sore muscle or break a sweat–they don’t get stronger and more resilient.  They stay weak and puny.

If it’s easy, it’s wrong.

I heard my PT voice in my head and knew it to also be true about my marketing plan and growing my business.

When you’re in the flow of manifesting, things are easy and serendipitous and the path to your dream opens up like a magical yellow brick road in front of you, leading you from one miracle to the next, straight to your destination.

Except that it isn’t that easy.

The yellow brick road, your right and perfect path, opens up, yes.  But it will have bumps in it.  Cracks in the pavement with weeds pushing through.  Orange people.

The orange people make things interesting.

The weeds and the broken pavers challenge you, make you stronger, build your confidence, make you better than you were before you started your journey.

The Hero’s Journey


Joseph Campbell wrote about the Hero’s Journey.  It’s the story told a zillion times in every Hollywood movie, and it’s our story, too.  We tell it every time we set a goal for ourselves.

First, we have a desire.  We set out on a journey to manifest that desire.  Along the way, challenges arise.  We face the challenges, and get stronger for having overcome them.  Finally, we reach our destination.  We achieve our goal or let it go.

In Hollywood, the movie ends here.

In real life, if we’re healthy, we always set out on another journey.

We set another goal.

We set another goal because we’re human and we’re not complete unless we’re pushing and striving for something bigger and better, more fulfilling, more rewarding.  We’re designed to keep growing, to keep setting goals and keep traveling towards them.  And we’re programmed to succeed.

If it’s easy, it’s wrong.  If it’s easy, we’re probably not growing.

Challenges are supposed to arise.  It’s part of the program.

In facing our challenges and taking steps to overcome them, we get stronger.  We grow and expand.  We come to know ourselves better.  We build resilience.

Our world expands and in that expansion we get closer to our full potential.

Getting stronger is uncomfortable.

Expanding into your power and greatness is uncomfortable.  Learning new things and forming new habits, testing new ideas and showing up day after day is uncomfortable.  Falling down hurts.  Getting up again is scary.  Growing pains are real.  And it’s all so, so important.

It’s all part of the process.

Things like networking events are our own personal lions and tigers and bears, oh my!    Scary and uncomfortable and so easy to say “no” to.  You choose.  Run away.  Or face the challenges and get stronger.

If it’s easy, it’s wrong.

Anyway, no one said this journey would be easy.

You know me, though.  There’s always good news.

Just because it’s not always easy doesn’t mean it won’t be fun.

The fun we follow happens along the way by the attitude we choose to adopt as we make our journey toward our goals and desires.

Personally, I love a challenge.

I’ve decided to treat this dread of networking events as a challenge on my Hero’s Journey.  I’m going to get uncomfortable and see what happens.

Step one…be an impartial observer of myself.

Next week I’ll break this situation down.  Stay tuned and we’ll explore some of the things  I might prescribe if I were my own client trying to break through to the next level of growth, change, ability to manifest, ability to shift and expand.

This is going to be fun.

And probably a little embarrassing.

Meanwhile, feel free to leave a comment below and share what challenges you’re facing on your own Hero’s Journey.  What is it that you dread, or even hate, that might just be good for you to face and get beyond?  Is it orange people?

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