I Know What Your Superpower Is!

Would you rather be invisible or be able to fly?

That was a popular icebreaker question when Superheroes retook Hollywood in the Nineties.  Sharing your own superpower fantasy took you deeper into conversations with strangers at parties than, “So what do you do?”

I was firmly on the side of flying.  I fly in my dreams, sometimes, and it’s magical and liberating and terrifying in that way that means you are leaping even though there’s no net in sight.

Besides, I didn’t need any help with being invisible.  Being shy means being invisible and I was painfully shy for years.  Until I decided enough was enough and started cultivating my own super power.

My super power is your super power, and it’s cultivate-able.  Like carrots.  And sunflowers.

I know what your Super Power is!

It isn’t leaping tall buildings in a single bound—like Superman.

It’s better than flying!

It isn’t slipping into a patriotic bathing suit as you twirl in circles, and, in a lightning flash, bedazzling yourself with a tiara, bulletproof bracelets and a lariat of truth—like Wonder Woman.

Though, tiaras. . .sigh.

It isn’t bending and twisting into any shape necessary—like Plastic Man.

Though, if you’re like me, you probably have had some experience shifting your shape to accommodate others.

Until you learned better.

Your super power is way better than any of those things!

And, you’ve been using it your whole life, whether you knew it or not.

Look around you now.

Whatever you see in your life right now, from the amount of love you have in your life to your degree of prosperity to how “charmed” or “hexed” your life seems to be in general, you created it all with your one glorious superpower.

And if you see anything you’re not 100% thrilled about, you can use your superpower to change that thing.

You can start this very second!

Blink your eyes like Jeannie or twitch your nose like Samantha and put your super power to work for good.  For your good.  For creating your unique and most magical life that feels like flying every second of every day.

You know this, my little Sweet Pea.

You know this and you’ve got this and you’re going to make the best of this news.

What you think is what you get!

It doesn’t get any more super powerful than that.

What you think about most of the time is what you get.

You create your own reality by the thoughts you carry around in your head.

It’s super powerful because if you’re looking around your life, your environment, your reality, and you’re holding your nose a little and wondering why things aren’t a little more shiny or sparkly or lavender-scented or good, the power is in your hands to change everything right this second.

The power is in you to change your thoughts!

Change your thoughts to affirm more of what you want your life to look like, cultivate and nurture those new thoughts, and watch your new life blossom and unfold to become this new life you dream of.

Everything you see happening in your life right now is a reflection of what your brain is doing 24/7.

Let this be an Ah-Ha moment.

The moment you realize your super power and claim it as your own.

The moment you choose thoughts deliberately, precisely and in alignment with your vision for your life.

Fly, Super Sweet Pea!  Fly!


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