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Is Always Having Enough Getting In Your Way?

Here’s a thought.

“I always have enough.”

Perfectly reasonable mindset to assume, right?

I thought so.

Until I realized that I always had enough.  Just enough.  And no more.

It was a sucker-punch moment for me when I realized that this was the EXACT mindset that was keeping me twirling around in the eddy while the rest of the great river of abundance flowed on by.

Having enough isn’t a bad place to be.

It’s comfortable.  No one goes hungry.  There’s a roof to keep you dry at night.  Four wheels to carry you where you need to go.

But having enough is invariably seasoned with a generous dollop of stress.  Worry that the roof might leak or the wheels might break.  And then what?  Suddenly, just enough isn’t quite enough to keep you floating if that eddy starts to pull you under.

Having enough is an incredibly common place to be.

We who spend time there keep good and abundant company.  I see fellow eddy-twirlers every day in my wealth consciousness work.

The first thing we do together is talk mindset shift.  A tiny shift in the way you talk to yourself.

A shift in energy.

The energy you need to frog-kick out of the eddy and into the flow of abundance.

What I prescribe is adding two words.

“I always have MORE THAN enough.”

I always have more than enough money.


I always have more than enough.


If you’re like me, when you start adding this little ditty to your daily thoughts and affirmations and visualizations, you’re first reaction will be something like, “Nuh Uh!!!!”

And you’ll have to talk some sense into that part of yourself that tries to be helpful by pointing out the obvious.  That, in fact, evidence shows that, no, you do NOT currently have more than enough money.

I like to offer evidence to my inner nay-sayer.  Show it places in my life where there is more than enough.

I show it the daffodils in the garden—twice as many as last year.

I show it the 20 preying mantis pods we found this year (up from 3 last year).

I show it the cache of a dozen eggs I found under the woodpile from a chicken that went rogue and found her own nesting site.  That there are enough eggs to give to the new neighbors.  Or make quiche.

I show it the pantry (so much food), my ipod (so much music), my sock drawer.


“See!”  I affirm.  “There IS so much abundance in my life.  I always have more than enough.”

And I do.

And since I started working on shifting my mindset from enough to more than enough, any time that nay-sayer part of me pops up and offers its “helpful” resistance, I can now just show it my bank account.  The evidence is there.  I always have more than enough!

What about you?  What evidence will you show your inner nay-sayer when it tries to tell you there isn’t enough?

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