A Morning Routine for Manifestation

How do you start your day?

Is it rushed and chaotic, or conscious and deliberate?

A month ago we rescued two amazon parrots, Sunshine and Pepper.  They look alike, but could not be more different in personality.

Sunshine is in a rush.  She zooms around her playgym (yes, playgym) like a hyperactive kid whose mom forgot her adderall.  She bounces.  She scrambles.  She shouts, “Robert!  ROBERT!!!!  ROBERT!!!!

Pepper is conscious and deliberate.  She moves like a sloth.  Sneaks up on you and whispers, “Hello, Pepper” in your ear.  Savors every bite of food.

Both personalities have their charms, but I think Pepper has the right idea as far as starting your day goes.

A morning routine that is deliberate and conscious supports your efforts to manifest the life of your dreams.

Screaming and scrambling like a caffeinated parrot may not serve your best interests.

Better to be sloth-like.  To have a plan.  A routine that reinforces your goals.

Here’s one I learned from a fellow Infinite Possibilities trainer, Leigh Daniel.  She credits John Assaraf, who appeared in the movie, The Secret.

First, know your goals.  Create a wish list for all the different areas of your life–health, money, relationships, spiritual pursuits, etc.

Next, spend a few minutes on each of these steps:

1.  Give thanks for what you already have in each area.  For example, say, “I’m happy and grateful for this job that pays my bills.”

2.  Next, in the present tense, say what you are grateful for that is on your wish list.  For example, say, “I’m grateful for my beautiful new home with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the mountains.”

3.  Finally, spend five minutes visualizing.  Act as if the thing you want is already manifest in your life.  Enjoy it with all of your senses.  Feel how it would feel to be living with it now.

If you want things to happen faster, spend more time on the visualization/meditation part of your routine.

Don’t try to get to everything on your list in one sitting.  Try rotating days.  Monday could be health day.  Tuesday, finances.  Wednesday, relationships.  Etc

As always, the important thing is consistency.

My yoga teacher used to say it’s better to do yoga for a few minutes every day than to do an hour of yoga once a week.

Words of wisdom we can apply to our manifestation practice.

What about you?  Is there anything you can’t start your day without?  Leave a comment below and let us know what has to be part of your morning routine.

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