Top Five Money Books


1.  Overcoming Underearning (TM), by Barbara Stanny

I checked this one out of the library a half a dozen times before finally investing in my own copy.  (I’d been doing a lot of decluttering and thinning of the bookshelves and resisted adding new stuff.   This book is worthy!!!)

Barbara Stanny gives practical advice and relevant exercises to help you learn why you’re not living up to your full earning potential and to help you take steps toward reversing that situation.  Easy to read.  Relevant examples based on her years of helping chronic underearners.  A book you’ll reference over and over, especially every time you hit a new plateau and are ready to break through to the next level.

2.  The Law of Divine Compensation, by Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson walks the walk.  She lives and breathes A Course in Miracles.  Its in her cells.  In this book, she brings that cellular knowledge to the topic of wealth creation and adds the ideas of miracles, prayer, forgiveness and love into the mix.

Pray for a miracle!  Let go of fear and that prayer will be answered.

I especially love her take on how the work we do is meant to serve the greater good and, as such, is an important aspect of our spiritual growth.

I love the meditation to expand into the energy of abundance.

And I love the prayers, especially this one:


“May the light of your love

Shine deep within my heart

And extend through me

To bless the world.”[/box]

Marianne Williamson writes with such compassion and grace and understanding and any doubts you ever had about your ability to live as both a spiritual person and wealthy person will melt away once and for all.

3.  A Happy Pocket Full of Money, by David Cameron Gikandi

This book was the first to open my eyes to how improving one’s wealth consciousness is the key to creating not only more wealth, but also more happiness, more joy, more abundance in general.  It also inspired me to become a wealth consciousness coach by clearly challenging me to learn for myself, and teach others, the secret to expanding wealth consciousness.

He clearly (and concisely) connects quantum physics to the power our thoughts have to create our reality.  It makes so much sense when he describes it!  Then he details the power of believing in abundance; giving; saving; gratitude; faith; affirmation; clarity and more to expand wealth consciousness and expand one’s experience of abundance, however we may define abundance for ourselves.

Super powerful and inspiring and begging to be read over and over.

4.  The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks

If you’re ready to identify and face your inner saboteur, a good place to start is with this book.  Though Mr. Hendricks does not focus exclusively on money, he lays out the blocks that stop us from living in our “Genius Zone.”   The blocks that show up in one area of our lives show up in all areas of our lives, and he does a great job at identifying the most common blocks.  Maybe too good.  I just wanted to crumple a bit when I first read this book because he nailed it.  He shone a light on my very own, very personal thoughts that kept me stuck and bumping up against my own ceiling.  Scary.  And liberating.

I love how he approaches the material from a spiritual perspective, encouraging us all to live up to our highest potential.  He includes this affirmation:   “I expand in abundance, success and love every day, as I inspire those around me to do the same,” which goes a long way towards changing the limiting belief that says that being wealthy or being successful means being greedy and selfish.

5.  The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace Wattles

This is the book that inspired Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret, and it distills the Law of Attraction down into 100ish readable, succinct pages geared toward helping you become rich and telling you why staying in poverty is, basically, evil.   (His words.  Serious Christian language and scriptural quotes in this one.  But if I can get beyond that and put this book on my top 5 list, anyone can.)

This book doesn’t have exercises or any practical applications, per se.  It’s all about mindset.  All about organizing your thoughts and your lifestyle in such a way that money can flow towards you.  And being grateful!  I appreciate his acknowledgement of gratitude as an important piece of the puzzle and as a practice we need to cultivate even before we see one dime of new money coming in.

One word reviews for the Runners Up:

Money, a Love Story, by Kate Northrup—Relationship!

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, by T. Harv Ecker—Mindset!

Ask, and It Is Given, by Abraham-Hicks—-Processes!

Did I leave anything out?  Leave a comment below and share your favorite money books. What has been especially inspirational or practical on your journey to improved abundance and wealth consciousness?

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