A Guided Visualization for Money Manifestation

When I decided once and for all that I wanted to manifest more money in my life, one of my techniques for getting there was visualization.

I went old school.

But old school is good school if you get into the feeling state of having more money and if you’re habitual about your process.

Of course, I wasn’t.

At least not right off the bat.

I remember when I first read Shakti Gawain’s classic book Creative Visualization.  In the 80’s!  We’re talking eons ago—side ponytails, stirrup pants, earrings the size of VWs.  That long ago.

I would light a bunch of candles and sit on the floor of my furniture-less apartment and try to visualize.  It was a phase and nothing much came of it.  I didn’t much know how to “officially” visualize.

And by official, I mean deliberately create the many things I dreamt about having in my life.

And by many things, I mean many dollars.

I was soooooooo poor at that time.

But, I could manifest a trip to Philly to see the Cure.

I could manifest an empty seat on a full flight to Spain.  I was on stand-by and I was moving to Spain…all my worldlies were in my suitcase, we’d turned in the keys to the apartment, I had no place else to go.  I sat in the waiting area (again, on the floor) seeing myself on that plane, feeling the plane taking off, landing in Madrid, eating the peanuts, even watching the seat belt demonstration.  No one watches the seat belt demo.   They called my name a moment before the doors closed.

My worldlies went to Tel Aviv.  But I went to Madrid just as I’d pictured.

My first deliberate creation!

Thank you, Shakti!

Sadly, I still stayed poor for ages.

Visualization is critical to living deliberately.

But it can be hard to visualize more money.

The key is in visualizing the things, situations, opportunities that money will provide you.

Try this!

[box] Find a comfortable place to sit where you won’t be disturbed for a few minutes.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.  As you exhale, let any tension melt out of your body, draining out from your head to your toes to the ground.  Make room for abundance by letting go of the tension.

When you start to feel open and receptive, imagine you’re holding a catalog or an i-Pad in your hands.   This catalog holds all the images of your upgraded, wealthier life.  Take a few moments here to flip through your life catalog and gaze at the images of the life of your dreams.  Take as long as you like to savor those images of things you’ve manifested, upgrades you’ve made, places you’ve visited, things you’ve accomplished, people you’ve helped all because you’ve manifested money consistently and abundantly.


When this feels complete, choose one image from your catalog.

Again, savor.  Explore.  Take in the big picture of your fully formed image and feel what its like to be living that scene right now.  Are you relaxed or energized?  Serene or pumped on adrenaline?  Feel the joy that comes with realizing your dream.  Feel deep and abiding gratitude for the manifestation of your dream.

Gradually start to notice the small details in your image.  Scan it slowly from top to bottom and left to right, appreciating every detail that presents itself to you and is part of your dream whether you were aware of it or not. Appreciate all that you have.  Again, savor.

When you’re ready, imagine yourself stepping into the image.  See yourself in your dream, enjoying those small details that you just discovered, named, appreciated.  Use the objects that are there. Notice colors and smells and textures.  Interact lovingly with anyone else in your dream.  Feel yourself beaming with joy.  Delight in all that you’ve created.  Live inside your dream for a few more seconds or as long as you like.

When the image feels complete with you in it, imagine the scene gradually dissolving into a beautiful white light.  Let the energy of your visualization merge with the energy and light of the Universe.

Smile, and gently open your eyes.[/box]

You may want to journal about your vision, adding any new details that were revealed to you during this exercise so you’re sure to remember them in future visualizations.

Add this meditation to your rotation a few times a week, then keep your eyes pealed for signs that the Universe is fulfilling your dream.  How will you know?  Those little details will start popping up in random places in your life.  It’s just the Universe winking at you.

It’s your turn to take some action.  Leave a comment below and let us know how the Universe has winked at you lately.

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