5000 Reasons to Be Rich


I’ve been reading A Happy Pocket Full of Money by David Cameron Gikandi.

What a read!

He focuses specifically on building wealth consciousness.  But as I read the book, I realize the principles can be applied to improving any kind of consciousness that is stuck in lack.

Use the ideas to increase happiness.  Love.  Laughter.  Friendship.  Joy.

Whatever it is you desire to have more of in your life, have 5,000 reasons for having it.

Here’s why you want 5,000 reasons. . .

When you decide you want more wealth in your life, and you commit to visualizing what that looks like to 5-10 minutes a day, it won’t be enough to visualize bills getting paid or even bigger numbers appearing when you log on to your banking app.

Ho.  Hum.

You won’t be inspired.  (Plus you’ll be focusing on bills half the time and guess what that does?  Attracts more bills!)  And if you’re not inspired and feeling great about having more money, the Universe might move an anthill for you, but it’s not going to move Mount Kilimanjaro to send more money your way.

But if you have 5,000 reasons to be rich?  Now that’s juicy.  That gives the Universe something to work with.

And as a bonus, you will reaffirm to yourself how being wealthy is an opportunity to serve and do good in the world.

Here’s how.

A starting point for generating your 5,000 reasons might look something like mine.

I want to build wealth so I can:

  • Live in my dream home
  • Collect art
  • Save the environment
  • Protect wildlife
  • Rescue poodles
  • Prepare for getting older

From that starting point list, I can go wild with imagination in each category.

With tangibles like dream homes, every detail is a reason to be wealthy—I like zinnias and bottle trees with blue bottles in the garden; a natural spring on the property;  miniature donkeys; and solar panels on the spanish tile roof.

See?  Juicy!  Give the Universe something to grab hold of.  Then when Ralph gives me zinnias or my neighbor gets a miniature donkey, it’s proof that it’s working.


With less tangible things like “protect wildlife,” you can still generate juicy details that the Universe will respond to.

I want to have enough money to be able to give to Yellowstone-to-Yukon.  This is an organization that is establishing migration corridors from, you got it, Yellowstone to Yukon.  Reasons could include grizzly bears, wolfs, bison and elk.  Reasons could also include remote wilderness only accessible by foot (I can so totally see that when I visualize because I am a backpacker.)  Osprey!  Marmots!  Those little twisted up pine trees that cling to the sides of rocks and thrive that way, against all odds!


See how this works?

When you give the Universe 5,000 reasons to be wealthy or happy or in love, you give it working substance so that your dream can come true faster because with all those reasons, who wouldn’t be excited and thrilled to imagine those reasons in a daily visualization?

Much better than “pay my bills” will ever be as a reason.

BONUS POINTS—You Help Others by Being Wealthy

As you start to imagine 5,000 reasons to be wealthy, you naturally start to see how creating wealth in your own life benefits and serves others.

Our culture has taught us that being wealthy means being greedy and self-serving.  This is wrong on so many levels and permission is hereby granted to discard that belief right now so you can get on with the business of building wealth and happiness.

Being wealthy does not mean that someone else goes without.  It’s as crazy to think that as it is crazy to think that being happy means someone else has to be miserable.

There is enough to go around.

We live in an abundant world, y’all.  I bet if you look around your environment right now, you will find evidence of that fact.

Being wealthy means you have 5,000 ways you’ve helped others.

Take “Collecting Art.”  If you collect art, you help artists feed their families, you support a gallery which makes beauty accessible to all who care to look. And a picture framer somewhere gets to feed his family, too, when you decide to collect art.

See?  It’s not greedy.  It’s helpful.

And it’s not just about buying more stuff

Being wealthy is a way to serve others in a way that you just cannot do as a poor person.

I challenge you to start your list today.  Start now by leaving a comment below…what are three juicy reasons you have for wanting your big dream to come true?

I think I just felt the mountains move a little when you thought about it.



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