How to Manifest Money in Five FAST Steps

I tried this a few weeks ago when I was working on raising funds to go to San Diego for another Infinite Possibilities training.

I needed $1,896.00 for airfare, hotel, fun.

Would you believe I manifested $1,872.00?

I believed it.

Because I’m committed like that (see step 5).

Are you ready to manifest real money in record time?  I thought so.

Here’s how.

Step 1.  Write down your big money goal.

How much do you need, what for (itemize) and by when?  Write it all down. Be clear and specific about this.

The Universe likes it when you give it orders.

Step 2.  Deal with your money issues.

Clear blocks.  Replace limiting beliefs with empowered beliefs about money and your ability to manifest it.  Let go of sabotaging behaviors around money.

The Universe likes it when you let go of old stories.

Step 3.  Make a plan.

Brainstorm 20-25 ways you could go to work making that money now.  Sell stuff on Craigslist, get a second job, create an online course, ask for a referral, look under the sofa cushions.

Not that you’ll necessarily do all of those things.  But doing one, two or more tells the Universe you mean it, dammit.  You’re doing your part to manifest money now.

The Universe likes it when you are proactive.

Step 4.  Track it.

Write down your big money goal at the top of a piece of paper (or Excel column).  Every time a cent of money comes in, subtract it from the total. Find a dime and a penny in a pocket?  Subtract it!  Grandma sends a check for $25?  Subtract it!

The Universe likes it when you acknowledge the gifts it is sending you.

(Gratitude helps a lot, here, by the way.  When you subtract a little more from the total, have a genuine and sincere moment of gratitude for the money that’s coming into your life.   Not only is your balance getting smaller, but you’re getting proof that it’s working.)

Step 5.  Believe

Feel good.  Have faith that it’s working.  Stay positive.  Stay tuned to abundance so that abundance can find you.  Y’all were meant to be together.

The Universe likes it when you harmonize with it.

I invite you to try this technique right away.  Start small if your faith is not where you’d like it to be.  Start with $25.  Work up to $100.  $1,000.   The sky’s the limit once you get the hang of it.

Leave a comment below and let us know how you do.  What will you manifest today?

Hugs all around!

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