Top Five Money Books


1.  Overcoming Underearning (TM), by Barbara Stanny

I checked this one out of the library a half a dozen times before finally investing in my own copy.  (I’d been doing a lot of decluttering and thinning of the bookshelves and resisted adding new stuff.   This book is worthy!!!)

Barbara Stanny gives practical advice and relevant exercises to help you learn why you’re not living up to your full earning potential and to help you take steps toward reversing that situation.  Easy to read.  Relevant examples based on her years of helping chronic underearners.  A book you’ll reference over and over, especially every time you hit a new plateau and are ready to break through to the next level.

2.  The Law of Divine Compensation, by Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson walks the walk.  She lives and breathes A Course in Miracles.  Its in her cells.  In this book, she brings that cellular knowledge to the topic of wealth creation and adds the ideas of miracles, prayer, forgiveness and love into the mix.

Pray for a miracle!  Let go of fear and that prayer will be answered.

I especially love her take on how the work we do is meant to serve the greater good and, as such, is an important aspect of our spiritual growth.

I love the meditation to expand into the energy of abundance.

And I love the prayers, especially this one:


“May the light of your love

Shine deep within my heart

And extend through me

To bless the world.”[/box]

Marianne Williamson writes with such compassion and grace and understanding and any doubts you ever had about your ability to live as both a spiritual person and wealthy person will melt away once and for all.

3.  A Happy Pocket Full of Money, by David Cameron Gikandi

This book was the first to open my eyes to how improving one’s wealth consciousness is the key to creating not only more wealth, but also more happiness, more joy, more abundance in general.  It also inspired me to become a wealth consciousness coach by clearly challenging me to learn for myself, and teach others, the secret to expanding wealth consciousness.

He clearly (and concisely) connects quantum physics to the power our thoughts have to create our reality.  It makes so much sense when he describes it!  Then he details the power of believing in abundance; giving; saving; gratitude; faith; affirmation; clarity and more to expand wealth consciousness and expand one’s experience of abundance, however we may define abundance for ourselves.

Super powerful and inspiring and begging to be read over and over.

4.  The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks

If you’re ready to identify and face your inner saboteur, a good place to start is with this book.  Though Mr. Hendricks does not focus exclusively on money, he lays out the blocks that stop us from living in our “Genius Zone.”   The blocks that show up in one area of our lives show up in all areas of our lives, and he does a great job at identifying the most common blocks.  Maybe too good.  I just wanted to crumple a bit when I first read this book because he nailed it.  He shone a light on my very own, very personal thoughts that kept me stuck and bumping up against my own ceiling.  Scary.  And liberating.

I love how he approaches the material from a spiritual perspective, encouraging us all to live up to our highest potential.  He includes this affirmation:   “I expand in abundance, success and love every day, as I inspire those around me to do the same,” which goes a long way towards changing the limiting belief that says that being wealthy or being successful means being greedy and selfish.

5.  The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace Wattles

This is the book that inspired Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret, and it distills the Law of Attraction down into 100ish readable, succinct pages geared toward helping you become rich and telling you why staying in poverty is, basically, evil.   (His words.  Serious Christian language and scriptural quotes in this one.  But if I can get beyond that and put this book on my top 5 list, anyone can.)

This book doesn’t have exercises or any practical applications, per se.  It’s all about mindset.  All about organizing your thoughts and your lifestyle in such a way that money can flow towards you.  And being grateful!  I appreciate his acknowledgement of gratitude as an important piece of the puzzle and as a practice we need to cultivate even before we see one dime of new money coming in.

One word reviews for the Runners Up:

Money, a Love Story, by Kate Northrup—Relationship!

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, by T. Harv Ecker—Mindset!

Ask, and It Is Given, by Abraham-Hicks—-Processes!

Did I leave anything out?  Leave a comment below and share your favorite money books. What has been especially inspirational or practical on your journey to improved abundance and wealth consciousness?

A Guided Visualization for Money Manifestation

When I decided once and for all that I wanted to manifest more money in my life, one of my techniques for getting there was visualization.

I went old school.

But old school is good school if you get into the feeling state of having more money and if you’re habitual about your process.

Of course, I wasn’t.

At least not right off the bat.

I remember when I first read Shakti Gawain’s classic book Creative Visualization.  In the 80’s!  We’re talking eons ago—side ponytails, stirrup pants, earrings the size of VWs.  That long ago.

I would light a bunch of candles and sit on the floor of my furniture-less apartment and try to visualize.  It was a phase and nothing much came of it.  I didn’t much know how to “officially” visualize.

And by official, I mean deliberately create the many things I dreamt about having in my life.

And by many things, I mean many dollars.

I was soooooooo poor at that time.

But, I could manifest a trip to Philly to see the Cure.

I could manifest an empty seat on a full flight to Spain.  I was on stand-by and I was moving to Spain…all my worldlies were in my suitcase, we’d turned in the keys to the apartment, I had no place else to go.  I sat in the waiting area (again, on the floor) seeing myself on that plane, feeling the plane taking off, landing in Madrid, eating the peanuts, even watching the seat belt demonstration.  No one watches the seat belt demo.   They called my name a moment before the doors closed.

My worldlies went to Tel Aviv.  But I went to Madrid just as I’d pictured.

My first deliberate creation!

Thank you, Shakti!

Sadly, I still stayed poor for ages.

Visualization is critical to living deliberately.

But it can be hard to visualize more money.

The key is in visualizing the things, situations, opportunities that money will provide you.

Try this!

[box] Find a comfortable place to sit where you won’t be disturbed for a few minutes.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.  As you exhale, let any tension melt out of your body, draining out from your head to your toes to the ground.  Make room for abundance by letting go of the tension.

When you start to feel open and receptive, imagine you’re holding a catalog or an i-Pad in your hands.   This catalog holds all the images of your upgraded, wealthier life.  Take a few moments here to flip through your life catalog and gaze at the images of the life of your dreams.  Take as long as you like to savor those images of things you’ve manifested, upgrades you’ve made, places you’ve visited, things you’ve accomplished, people you’ve helped all because you’ve manifested money consistently and abundantly.


When this feels complete, choose one image from your catalog.

Again, savor.  Explore.  Take in the big picture of your fully formed image and feel what its like to be living that scene right now.  Are you relaxed or energized?  Serene or pumped on adrenaline?  Feel the joy that comes with realizing your dream.  Feel deep and abiding gratitude for the manifestation of your dream.

Gradually start to notice the small details in your image.  Scan it slowly from top to bottom and left to right, appreciating every detail that presents itself to you and is part of your dream whether you were aware of it or not. Appreciate all that you have.  Again, savor.

When you’re ready, imagine yourself stepping into the image.  See yourself in your dream, enjoying those small details that you just discovered, named, appreciated.  Use the objects that are there. Notice colors and smells and textures.  Interact lovingly with anyone else in your dream.  Feel yourself beaming with joy.  Delight in all that you’ve created.  Live inside your dream for a few more seconds or as long as you like.

When the image feels complete with you in it, imagine the scene gradually dissolving into a beautiful white light.  Let the energy of your visualization merge with the energy and light of the Universe.

Smile, and gently open your eyes.[/box]

You may want to journal about your vision, adding any new details that were revealed to you during this exercise so you’re sure to remember them in future visualizations.

Add this meditation to your rotation a few times a week, then keep your eyes pealed for signs that the Universe is fulfilling your dream.  How will you know?  Those little details will start popping up in random places in your life.  It’s just the Universe winking at you.

It’s your turn to take some action.  Leave a comment below and let us know how the Universe has winked at you lately.

5000 Reasons to Be Rich


I’ve been reading A Happy Pocket Full of Money by David Cameron Gikandi.

What a read!

He focuses specifically on building wealth consciousness.  But as I read the book, I realize the principles can be applied to improving any kind of consciousness that is stuck in lack.

Use the ideas to increase happiness.  Love.  Laughter.  Friendship.  Joy.

Whatever it is you desire to have more of in your life, have 5,000 reasons for having it.

Here’s why you want 5,000 reasons. . .

When you decide you want more wealth in your life, and you commit to visualizing what that looks like to 5-10 minutes a day, it won’t be enough to visualize bills getting paid or even bigger numbers appearing when you log on to your banking app.

Ho.  Hum.

You won’t be inspired.  (Plus you’ll be focusing on bills half the time and guess what that does?  Attracts more bills!)  And if you’re not inspired and feeling great about having more money, the Universe might move an anthill for you, but it’s not going to move Mount Kilimanjaro to send more money your way.

But if you have 5,000 reasons to be rich?  Now that’s juicy.  That gives the Universe something to work with.

And as a bonus, you will reaffirm to yourself how being wealthy is an opportunity to serve and do good in the world.

Here’s how.

A starting point for generating your 5,000 reasons might look something like mine.

I want to build wealth so I can:

  • Live in my dream home
  • Collect art
  • Save the environment
  • Protect wildlife
  • Rescue poodles
  • Prepare for getting older

From that starting point list, I can go wild with imagination in each category.

With tangibles like dream homes, every detail is a reason to be wealthy—I like zinnias and bottle trees with blue bottles in the garden; a natural spring on the property;  miniature donkeys; and solar panels on the spanish tile roof.

See?  Juicy!  Give the Universe something to grab hold of.  Then when Ralph gives me zinnias or my neighbor gets a miniature donkey, it’s proof that it’s working.


With less tangible things like “protect wildlife,” you can still generate juicy details that the Universe will respond to.

I want to have enough money to be able to give to Yellowstone-to-Yukon.  This is an organization that is establishing migration corridors from, you got it, Yellowstone to Yukon.  Reasons could include grizzly bears, wolfs, bison and elk.  Reasons could also include remote wilderness only accessible by foot (I can so totally see that when I visualize because I am a backpacker.)  Osprey!  Marmots!  Those little twisted up pine trees that cling to the sides of rocks and thrive that way, against all odds!


See how this works?

When you give the Universe 5,000 reasons to be wealthy or happy or in love, you give it working substance so that your dream can come true faster because with all those reasons, who wouldn’t be excited and thrilled to imagine those reasons in a daily visualization?

Much better than “pay my bills” will ever be as a reason.

BONUS POINTS—You Help Others by Being Wealthy

As you start to imagine 5,000 reasons to be wealthy, you naturally start to see how creating wealth in your own life benefits and serves others.

Our culture has taught us that being wealthy means being greedy and self-serving.  This is wrong on so many levels and permission is hereby granted to discard that belief right now so you can get on with the business of building wealth and happiness.

Being wealthy does not mean that someone else goes without.  It’s as crazy to think that as it is crazy to think that being happy means someone else has to be miserable.

There is enough to go around.

We live in an abundant world, y’all.  I bet if you look around your environment right now, you will find evidence of that fact.

Being wealthy means you have 5,000 ways you’ve helped others.

Take “Collecting Art.”  If you collect art, you help artists feed their families, you support a gallery which makes beauty accessible to all who care to look. And a picture framer somewhere gets to feed his family, too, when you decide to collect art.

See?  It’s not greedy.  It’s helpful.

And it’s not just about buying more stuff

Being wealthy is a way to serve others in a way that you just cannot do as a poor person.

I challenge you to start your list today.  Start now by leaving a comment below…what are three juicy reasons you have for wanting your big dream to come true?

I think I just felt the mountains move a little when you thought about it.



Change Your Story to Change Your life

What’s your signature story?  What story do you tell every chance you get because it’s funny or poignant?

Mine involves pink hula hoops in an Alabama bar, but I’ll save that for another time.

We all have signature stories that we’ve told a thousand times to anyone who will listen.  But what about the signature stories we tell ourselves, thousands of times each day?

Henry Ford said, “If you think you can or you think you can’t, either way, you’re right.  It’s the thinking that makes it so.”

Those little stories we tell ourselves?  Stories like, “I’m always late.”  “I’ll never get a job in this economy.”  “There’s never enough money.”

Those little stories are the thoughts that shape our reality.  It may be your current circumstance.  But it’s not The (capital T) Truth.  Current circumstances, like stories, are fluid and changeable.  It’s the thinking that makes them so.

Here’s how to change your current story.


First, decide what you want your new story to be.

Perhaps you’d like your business to bring in more money. Pick a number.  How much more do you want?

Be clear–”I want $100,000.”  Be clear, or you won’t get the results you want. Inconsistent stories lead to chaotic results.   Clearly defined dreams pave the way for having the dream come true in the fastest way possible.

For example, I waffled for a long time about whether or not I should apply for PT school–it was expensive, hard to get in, I had to take chemistry.  But the moment I decided I wanted in, magic happened.  I found a great part-time job and a place to live near campus.  I got a scholarship.  I even had a Chemistry teacher who’d circle the room and look at your test as you were taking it.  If you were on the right track, he’d get all excited with the thumbs up and the, “Yes!  Yes!”  If things looked bad, he’d arch his eyebrows and crinkle his mouth and say, “Oooooo.”  And you knew it was time to reconsider your work.  I passed!  Best. Chemistry. Teacher. Ever.

The moment you decide, doors open.

Second, start crafting that new story.

This is the fun part.

It’s your story, your life, so you get to throw in all the juicy details that will keep your story interesting and fun to keep telling over and over.  Besides, the more details you include, the easier it will be to recognize your dream coming true.

Here’s what I mean.

I’ve been dreaming of a new home.  One with floor to ceiling windows in my bedroom overlooking a beautiful view with water.

When I went to Boston recently, I checked into the Hilton and they put me far, far down at the very end of the hallway on the 8th floor.  Turns out, they gave me a limited edition corner room with floor to ceiling windows and a spectacular view of the harbor and the skyline and and an amazing sunset.

I think of serendipities like this as little winks from the Universe letting me know that my order has been received and is being processed.

Finally, start telling your story, over and over again.  Replace that old story (I’m always late) with this new version (I’m always on time).  Then PRACTICE!  Practice telling it to yourself.  Tell it to your dog.  Your parrot.  Whomever will listen without judgment.

The more you tell your new story, the more you focus on the thing you want most in the world, the faster your dream will come true.

I got obsessed recently with Stressless chairs.  Do you know these chairs?  Super comfortable, good for your back, a bit pricey.  My obsession included:

  • lounging around the furniture store,
  • fondling the purple leather swatch (I LOVED the purple leather!),
  • perusing the catalog every night,
  • stalking Craigslist.

About 4 days after my obsession became full-blown, someone posted a Stressless chair for sale on Craigslist.

It was a bargain.

Because it was purple.

The Universe is HILARIOUS!

Get obsessed.  In a good way.  Tell your story over and over and pay attention to how the Universe starts to make arrangements for your new story to come true.

I invite you to look to your own life for evidence that the stories you’ve told for ever and ever do, in fact, shape your reality.

And I invite you to choose one story you’d like to change.

Then use these three steps to shape a new reality for yourself.

Decide what you want.  Write a new story for yourself.  Start telling the story, in as much detail as you can imagine as if the story were already true.

Try not to be gobsmacked the moment you see that purple recliner in your living room.  It’s just the Universe winking.


What story have you been telling that needs a rewrite?  Leave a comment below and tell us your NEW story so we can hold that vision with you.

How to Manifest Money in Five FAST Steps

I tried this a few weeks ago when I was working on raising funds to go to San Diego for another Infinite Possibilities training.

I needed $1,896.00 for airfare, hotel, fun.

Would you believe I manifested $1,872.00?

I believed it.

Because I’m committed like that (see step 5).

Are you ready to manifest real money in record time?  I thought so.

Here’s how.

Step 1.  Write down your big money goal.

How much do you need, what for (itemize) and by when?  Write it all down. Be clear and specific about this.

The Universe likes it when you give it orders.

Step 2.  Deal with your money issues.

Clear blocks.  Replace limiting beliefs with empowered beliefs about money and your ability to manifest it.  Let go of sabotaging behaviors around money.

The Universe likes it when you let go of old stories.

Step 3.  Make a plan.

Brainstorm 20-25 ways you could go to work making that money now.  Sell stuff on Craigslist, get a second job, create an online course, ask for a referral, look under the sofa cushions.

Not that you’ll necessarily do all of those things.  But doing one, two or more tells the Universe you mean it, dammit.  You’re doing your part to manifest money now.

The Universe likes it when you are proactive.

Step 4.  Track it.

Write down your big money goal at the top of a piece of paper (or Excel column).  Every time a cent of money comes in, subtract it from the total. Find a dime and a penny in a pocket?  Subtract it!  Grandma sends a check for $25?  Subtract it!

The Universe likes it when you acknowledge the gifts it is sending you.

(Gratitude helps a lot, here, by the way.  When you subtract a little more from the total, have a genuine and sincere moment of gratitude for the money that’s coming into your life.   Not only is your balance getting smaller, but you’re getting proof that it’s working.)

Step 5.  Believe

Feel good.  Have faith that it’s working.  Stay positive.  Stay tuned to abundance so that abundance can find you.  Y’all were meant to be together.

The Universe likes it when you harmonize with it.

I invite you to try this technique right away.  Start small if your faith is not where you’d like it to be.  Start with $25.  Work up to $100.  $1,000.   The sky’s the limit once you get the hang of it.

Leave a comment below and let us know how you do.  What will you manifest today?

Hugs all around!